10 tips for night hunting

img_133512003212017As far as night hunting is concerned, there is no right or wrong way to hunt at night. Night hunting started long ago, and until today, a lot of people do enjoy it. It had grown wider than when it ever started and hopefully, will get a lot more than it is today in the nearest future. Just like the old saying “there is always a woman behind a successful man.” The same thing is applied here – there is never a successful night hunt without a good hunting rifle with the best air rifle scope that suits best for the type of hunt you are to embark.

There are a lot of things that a night hunter should be aware of. For example hunting coyote at night. Recently some coyote hunting veterans discovered that night hunting with the red light gives them more opportunity in tracking down coyotes than they ever did with other lights. Hunting can be an adventure or even discovery. This will take us down to looking at some tips for night hunting.

  1. License and hunting education: every new hunter needs a firearm license from his or her local law enforcement authorities. This gives the hunter the right he or she will need to carry a firearm with him or her through main towns until he or she gets to the hunting areas. It is advisable for any beginner hunter to acquire some education about hunting. There are a lot of schools in the US that offer hunting training all year round.
  2. Access to the property: it is made clear to every hunter that before putting a foot on any hunting land, be it government or private will need to be granted access. In so many places around the globe, there are vast areas that contain distinct animals. In which case, the government of that nation decided to preserve the animal species that are fading away. Hunting in such an area is followed by a heavy punishment.THL-Hunter-Education
  3. Rifle or an air gun: hunting has been categorized into the following:
  • Big game hunting
  • Small game hunting
  • Varmint hunting
  • Dangerous game hunting

However, all these types of hunting which may imply night hunting have a particular rifle designed to be used for it that will enable the hunter the opportunity to be able to maximize his or her night hunting. Thus, in any of the above that you decide to embark for night hunting – It is necessary to acquire as much information that will enable you carry out a successful hunt.

Note that ordinary traditional riflescopes are not used for night hunting as ninety-nine percent of them do not have the low light capability and cannot function perfectly at night. For this reason, some great optic Giants decided to introduce the night vision riflescope into the market. This made hunting at night as easy as hunting in the day lay. Although, these type of night vision riflescopes are much expensive than the traditional one.

  1. Animal call: knowing to call the particular animal species that you are hunting might be critical. Unless, you might be going to the wood at night, not just for the evening hunt, but to spend the night with mosquitoes with no successful hunt. The same thing applies during the day.

For instance, coyote hunters make sounds that attract coyotes. There is a great electronic calling for coyotes. This helps the hunters to attract the predator to themselves without the predators knowing they were purposely being targeted by the hunters. There has been some instance where the sound brought more than five coyotes at the same time. Coming from all angles of the field. It is night, and they did not notice how they were taken out one after the other by the hunter. So if you wish to night hunt, make sure you know how to call the animal that is to be hunted or you have an electronic device that can assist you with the calling.

  1. Backpack: this is a necessity when embarking on any kind of night hunting. With the backpack, you will be able to carry along with you some foods like canned products. Thermo-bottle for hot water if hunting in the winter or autumn, it is often cold at night. So to keep warm, you will need a cup of tea and to keep away from falling asleep, you might need a cup of coffee. Some extra bullets you are carrying can be done with the help of the backpack.
  2. Hunting clothes: every hunter is expected to have more than one pair of hunting clothes. Depending on the season and the game you are hunting, you might be obliged to wear the recommended clothes by the state hunters’ authority. However, the weather is to be put in consideration also as it might be raining heavily or snowing heavily in the middle of the night and these are harsh weather conditions that can ruin successful night hunting.weaponry
  3. Group hunting: hunters are advised to embark on night hunting in groups. It is quite dangerous to hunt during the daylight. Then you can imagine being alone in the wild in the middle of the night. There is no worst nightmare. Well, this might be possible for some people (very few people), but many hunters will always go in groups when hunting at night.
  4. Transportation: the means of transportation, be it big or small vehicles should be serviced and tested some days before embarking on night hunting. With this means, the hunter will have easy access to and from the woods during and after hunting. First aid materials (box) is a priority.
  5. Mobile phone: Do not forget to tell your loved ones about where and with whom you are embarking on the night hunting. Carry a cell phone along with you. Use a waterproof nylon or specially designed waterproof packet meant for hunters phone to take your mobile along with you. If possible, make sure that you turn on the geo-location of your phone so that you family and loved ones can track and trace you if you do not return home at the expected time.
  6. Hunt with Pasion: night hunting can be as dangerous as anything. Although hunting, in general, is not an easy Make sure that you put your best in your hunting. This will enable you to carry out a successful night hunting. It is pleasing when a hunter gets into the woods and comes out with much smiles on his or her face. Just know that you only get the best result in night hunting when you put in your best. Love what you do. Do what you love.



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