5 tips for rabbit hunters

maxresdefaultIf you want to start hunting rabbits and you really do not know the most important aspect of rabbit hunting, here I am going to elaborate on 5 tips for rabbit hunters to achieve a successful hunt. I hope that after you must have finished reading this article, you will be sure of your rabbit hunting ability like never before. So let’s get started.

Firstly, I am going to explain the gun that I use to shoot rabbits. Few basic tips that will enable a rabbit hunter to shoot better, more accurately, and most importantly, kill more rabbits. Most times, people ask me the type of rifle I use in shooting, so I have decided to tell about it here. I use shotgun – fifteen, seventeen, point one-seven HMO. Supported with the best rifle bipod that I have ever owned for hunting rabbits. It is also equipped with an ESC rifle silencer.  What a great gun. The rifle scope I mounted on the rifle is relatively cheap. It is a Weaver Kaspa 3-9X40 Ballistic-X Scope. Although, for the price, to some people, it might be expensive. The gun is bolt action. With the four shot MAG, this encourages the rabbit hunter not to waste any bullets. The gun has a factory shortened barrel, which means when a hunter clips it on things, he can carry it by the side without dragging it on the ground. Putting it inside the vehicle is easy. It can also be placed over the walls very quickly. This is a nice, lightweight and easy to handle rifle.

In hunting rabbits, the lightweight bullet is crucial. A seven ingrain Ballistic Tip bullet is an excellent example of the ideal lightweight I talked about. This means when they hit something, provided that it is a very soft skin, the inside of the bullet implodes, and the rest explodes. This means especially for small games, a shot that is not even in the kill zone – heart or head, is still going to kill the rabbit straight away. This is very important because no matter how careful a hunter may be, the law of presuming shots – they do not hit where you want no matter how good at shot you are.

With all being said about the type of gun and the regular rifle scope I use for rabbit hunting, it is time to look into the primary reason I am writing this article which is – five tips for rabbit hunters.img_130512003202017

  • Type of clothing: the first thing to consider is camouflage. This makes a lot of difference in rabbit hunting than when using ordinary clothes. Think of some hunters with some sort of shining head that can easily be sighted by the rabbit. Or hunting in a white T-shirt; if you are a hunter, you know exactly what I am saying. Whenever I go shooting, I always wear my camouflage pants and wellies. Sometimes I wear gloves in the winter if it’s cold. For the shining heads hunters, it’s nice to wear a camouflage jacket with the hood or caps that will cover your head. This helps hunters be a lot less visible to rabbits. Hunters can also use natural covers and go behind trees and plants that are between the hunter and his or her target, then the hunter stands a better chance of killing his or her target. Another thing to consider is where the target is looking at the moment. The hunter might have to stay very low on the ground to avoid the rabbit seeing him or her.
  • Keys: if you have stuff that will generate a sudden or unwanted noise – jingle – at the critical hunting time, then better take them into a better holder. For example, some hunters carry their home keys along with them during hunting. Do not forget that mobile phones also generates noise. When hunting rabbits, hunters will need to put their cell phones on silence to avoid a call when hunting rabbits. Imagine you are about to squeeze the trigger and the next thing you hear is some ring-tone. This has happened to me on few occasions, so I always leave my phone in the car when I go shooting.
  • The wind: it is always advisable to walk against the wind in all type of hunting. This also is applied to rabbit hunting. Walking against the wind helps to re-direct the direction in which the hunter’s body scent flows. It makes the animal that is being hunted not to be able to perceive humans are within the vicinity.
  • The sun: about this one, I do not know if it works for other people. But definitely works for me more. Whenever I am hunting under sunny weather, I always like to walk away from the sun. Which means the sun will be behind me. This will make it difficult for the rabbit to be able to spot me at the first instance as it will be looking at the sun.
  • To squeal: this is a proper rabbit call for calling out rabbits from their holes. When I first started hunting rabbits. All I do was to look for the ones that are already on the plane land. But as time go by, I began to learn more tips on rabbit hunting. Things to do to make every rabbit hunt a success. Squealing it’s a very useful method to drag rabbits out of the holes, prevent them from entering back into their holes or bring them closer to your location.

Thus, rabbit hunting tips can be of different types depending on individuals. But there are basic things that seem almost the same, and one of them may include – how rabbits are called out from their holes or how they are brought to a quiet position by the sounds they are used to hearing. I hope that after reading this article on 5 tips for rabbit hunters, you will be able to utilize some of the information on this article and sustain a successful rabbit hunting.

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