AR-15 antelope hunting

Approaching an antelope in an open country can sometimes be a tough task for hunters to achieve due the fact that antelopes have excellent vision.  Even for those experienced antelope hunters seeking to gain an antelope trophy quality, it is very challenging for them to be able to judge on the hoof because they are one of the most sensitive animals.  Due to this factor, I have decided to make some deep digging on what might be best for antelope hunting, and I found out that AR-15 antelope hunting can be fulfilling and highly rewarding because AR’s can be used for target shooting and shot placements.

Before embarking on an AR-15 antelope hunt, the hunter should know the most rewarding tricks for getting within the range of an antelope. The antelope’s vision is known to be one of its best defense mechanism or weapon. It is tough for any hunter to get within an antelope’s range without being noticed. This made an antelope hunting an adamant one and an exception among every other game animals.  So when hunting an antelope, know that an antelope has a very high speed also. The antelope relies upon its eyesight and speed as a defense mechanism.  Yeah, you heard me right. Consider these two factors before going to hunt the antelope. An antelope can perceive a smell or take hold of any sound coming from within and far off. But these factors to an antelope is considered as the secondary factors. It is possible for a hunter to be able to stalk an antelope with the wind behind his or her back. Although, the antelope’s hearing is not as good to a deer’s or Elks. But it is possible for the antelope to detect the hunter’s movement even from a reasonable distance, the antelope is capable of busting the hunter’s position so quickly.

However, since antelope hunters have known that it is imperative to stay out of the animal games’ line of sight; stalk planning is essential when manipulating a means to be able to approach the antelope which is crucial for the hunter to be able to take a position to take the shot before being noticed. This might said to be known as to plan for the perfect stalking. During this process or before the stalking, the hunter will need a consistent and highly efficient spotting scope with a tripod that makes glassing for antelopes an easy, relaxing and intriguing thing. Less I forget to mention that purchasing the best ar15 scope should be a number priority in the list for antelope hunting gears. It is good for an antelope hunter to scout the area before the season begins. The hunter should know what exactly the antelopes like doing, and this will determine the hunter’s success in hunting these antelopes. Whatever the antelope is doing, however, where it is feeding or bedding, the hunter if wishes to be successful, has to know how to stalk that particular way to accomplish a successful AR-15 antelope hunting.

Usually, some hunters especially beginners find it difficult to crawl. Well, I am sorry to say this, in hunting, be ready to get as dirty as the hunt demands to have a fulfilling hunt. So if crawling with knees and hands is needed, the hunter should do it. Sometimes, it seems like the terrain is an open and level place and there is no way of beating the attention of an antelope within it, I doubt that. If carefully looked into, there will always be a way for the hunter to be able to get within the range that will enable him or her to take the shot when necessary. However, it is required for a hunter to device a skill that can always help him or her to beat the attention of such animal like an antelope.ODG-43-960x675

However, because it is challenging for a lot of hunters to be able to get within range when hunting an antelope; this is said to contribute positively if a hunter wishes to put in perfect a shooting skill before going for an AR-15 antelope hunting. Most times in an antelope hunting, the only shot is long range. Note that when a hunter gets more comfortable with the long range shooting, the more likely that the hunter will have the opportunity of taking down that trophy buck antelope. As usually advised by most of the AR-15 antelope hunting veterans – all year round practice even when the season is over is a way of getting more entangled to what the AR 15 rifle can do. Thus, for antelope hunters, it is highly advisable to get comfortable in shooting a target not less than three hundred yards.

Always remember to be patient.  But when it happens that the antelope gains an access the hunter’s stalking position, it is good to never give up. The hunt might still be successful. The hunter might be able to get a second chance knowing that when an antelope sights him or her and takes off at the speed of fifty-five kilometer per hour, the antelope forgets about the hunter. But the hunter should take note that an antelope lives the life of an out of sight is an out of mind. However, that antelope might eventually return, and the hunter will be at the right position waiting for it.

Understanding the basics of AR-15 antelope hunting can be ideal for AR rifle lovers. Although, antelopes can be hunted with any kind of gun. But it is more advisable to use long range rifles when hunting an antelope because getting closer to the target range for a short range shot is almost practically impossible. But sometimes it can be possible. Use any strategy that works for you.

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