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image_16-27-58_06977_16-08-2016The importance of tactical scopes is to magnify your target without being in any eminent danger distance. The tactical scopes listed below are some of the best for recreational hunters and law enforcement organizations around the world. There are many different types of tactical rifle scopes, which range from red dot sights to long range/high-magnification scopes in varying weights. These features help to improve sight accuracies and enlarge target recognition for short or long distance shooting.

Key features of a quality rifle scope entail optical magnification. Scopes with magnifications of 4x or 6x are considered a lower magnifications scope and magnification scopes of 16x and more give greater target resolution. Reticles are a network of dots, lines or cross hairs that lay in the image plane of scopes. They serve as reference marks.

A parallax is capable of creating a situation when the reticle may change its position if you have a target in sight, which, in its turn, can lead to missed shots. A locked or steadfast parallax is essential for a quality rifle scope. The focal plane in rifle scopes involves a first and second focal plane. When the magnification level of the scope is changed, the reticle stays the same for a clear and consistent target acquisition at all magnification levels. Modern technology in rifle scopes gives a variety of options, all of which provide high-quality magnification, durability, and rugged housing.

1. Bushnell Elite Tactical G2 Reticle XRS Riflescope, 4.5-30x 50mm by Bushnell

Bushnell Elite Tactical G2 Reticle XRS Riflescope, 4.5-30x 50mm by BushnelFeatures:

  • Adjustable 4.5x to 30x magnification due to the 50mm objective lens with Bushnell’s highest magnification range to split hairs at the farthest reaches.
  • G2DMR with a mil-hash marked First Focal Plane (FFP) reticle designed for ranging, holdover and windage correction.
  • Hammer-forged 34mm body; argon purged; blacked-out finish.
  • Dimensions: 20 x 7×7 inches; 2.3 pounds.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.
  • Ultra Wide Band Coating and fully multi-coated optics for light transmission and image clarity;
  • Rain Guard HD anti-fog technology keeps lenses clear.
  • Z-Lok locking elevation turret with Zero Stop;
  • T-Lok locking windage turret with L & R markings.

Bushnell is an American industry leader in quality, top performance sports optics. For 65 years, Bushnell has been the best in technology for optical innovations. It is a worldwide recognized brand name with many awards for the finest products, especially in the best tactical rifle scopes.

The Bushnell Elite Tactical G2 Reticle XRS Riflescope is a very dependable scope with a powerful 4.5x – 30x magnification range. This rifle scope delivers great focused sight whether the target is at long range, close range, or mid-range. It is durable due to high-grade aluminum and is available in both matte black and flat dark earth colors. The XRS (extreme range scope) feature is the best of the Bushnell line.

For the G2 detail, this reticle gives the user the ability to adjust for range and windage at the same time without adjusting the turrets. The large turrets feature easy-to-read markings and distinctive clicks. When adjusting for shooting distances, the user only needs to lift the turret top and turn it to a different position. The XRS is argon-purged for 100% weatherproofing and is designed with flexible, protective lens covers.

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2. Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27×56 Riflescope with EBR-1C Reticle (10 MRAD Turrets) by Vortex Optics

Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27x56 Riflescope with EBR-1C Reticle (10 MRAD Turrets) by Vortex OpticsFeatures:

  • Argon gas purging with o-ring for guaranteed superior fog proof, waterproof and shockproof performance.
  • Plasma Tech application process for unparalleled coating durability and performance.
  • XRPIus premium fully multi-coated lenses for the highest level of light transmission and maximum brightness.
  • HD (High Density) premium extra-low dispersion glass for the ultimate resolution and color fidelity. Allows High Definition images.
  • APO (“apochromatic”) objective lens system utilizing index-matched lenses for color correction across all visual spectrums.

Vortex Optics Company has been making quality sporting equipment optics since 1986. This American company has a worldwide reputation for precision, long range optical rifle scopes. Its Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27×56 Riflescope with EBR-1C Reticle withIO MRAD Turrets has been designed for dialing precision shots. The Razon HD Gen II features optics for absolute accuracy. The BR-1C Reticle uses 10 MRAD Turrets for ranging, holdover and windage corrections. Additional tactical scope features of the Razor HD Gen II include an illuminated reticle which remains sharp and clear even on higher settings. The 1-piece tube is made from aircraft grade aluminum. It is designed with L-Tec turrets with a zero stop, a side focus, a fast focus eyepiece, and an external rotation indicator. It also features an ArmorTek Scratch-Resistant Coated Lens. Additionally, both the elevation and windage turrets have locking systems to keep the user from bumping the knobs accidentally.

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3. US Optics ER-25 MDMOA FFP Illuminated Reticle 5-25x58mm Rifle Scope by U.S. Optics

US Optics ER-25 MDMOA FFP Illuminated Reticle 5-25x58mm Rifle Scope by U.S. OpticsFeatures:

  • Rugged type III hard anodizing and bulletproof construction, 34mm tube.
  • Exceptional clarity, resolution and light transmission.
  • Front focal plane construction (FFP) for accurate reticle holdovers and ranging capabilities at any magnification setting.
  • A minute of angle based reticle exhibiting detailed sub tensions and red illumination with 12 intensity settings.
  • Erector Repositioning Elevation Knob (EREK) with 110 adjustment clicks.

U.S. Optics is a company that has been manufacturing customized and commercial riflescopes and optic accessories for over 25 years. Many professional shooters have benefited from their quality and expertise, including the military, law enforcement agencies, competitive shooters and professional hunters. U.S. Optics carries the reputation for designing and manufacturing highly magnetized telescopic sights for long-range shooting. The company only produces riflescopes with high-clarity lenses and housing made with protective coating for all types of weather and conditions.

The US Optics-engineered ER-25 MDMOA FFP Illuminated Reticle 5-25x58mm Rifle Scope is great for shots beyond 2,000 yards. Its precision scope technology works in all types of weather and light conditions, including low-light environments. The 58mm objective lens sits right in front of a turret parallax system that gives shooters the sharpest image resolution. The scope’s body, eyepiece, and other parts are designed with rugged aircraft aluminum and coated with matte black hard anodizing. The MDMOA reticle is based on the standard Shooters Minutes of Angle and the Inch Per Hundred Yards system. All U.S. Optics’ ER-25 models feature an EREK system with 1/10 MIL or 1 inch per hundred yards clicks values that increase the gross elevation travel adjustment.

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4. Leupold Mark 8 3.5-25x56mm 35mm M5B2 Matte Illuminated F/F H-58 Scope by Leupold

Leupold Mark 8 3.5-25x56mm 35mm M5B2 Matte Illuminated F/F H-58 Scope by LeupoldFeatures:

  • M5B2 Matte Illume F/F H-58 Scope
  • Waterproof / Fogproof
  • Length – 16.00 in.
  • Tube Length – 5.30 in
  • Elevation Adjustment Range – 90.00 MOA
  • Windage Adjustment Range – 50.00 MOA x Weight – 37.00 oz.
  • Eye Relief – 3.7-3.3″

Even though Leupold & Stevens, Inc., was founded in Germany in 1907, its influence in the U.S. in the field of top quality outdoor optics has grown exponentially. As a century-old company, Leupold & Stevens, Inc., is known around the world. Leupold has been in the riflescope and optics industry since it played a vital role in WWII. It was during WWII that the company discovered how to make the design optical equipment durable and waterproof, which was used by the U.S. Army. Leupold rifle scopes are used by today’s the law enforcement agencies, the U.S. Army, the Secret Service, the Marines and the Navy. Their riflescopes are highly praised and used by national and international sports hunters and outdoor sportsmen who need top-of-the-line magnification.

The Mark 8 3.5-25x56mm 35mm M5B2 Matte Illuminated F/F H-58 Scope by Leupold has unique features that make it very versatile. It has an illuminated front focal reticle and a 35mm main-tube for quick target sighting and exacting precision. The Mark 8 – 3.5-25x56mm tactical magnification denotes powerful lens ranges with its Xtended Twilight lens coating that holds up in any type of weather conditions. This riflescope features an auto-locking pinch, a turn windage, and elevation turrets that make adjustment easier without having to use something like a coin to turn it. You can keep the reticle in continual focus with its lockable rapid eyepiece focus. The Mark 8 is designed with a side focus parallax adjustment system that never fails.

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5. Schmidt Bender PMII 5-25×56 \JP MTC LT P4Fine FFP MRAD CWby Schmidt & Bender

Schmidt Bender PMII 5-25x56Features:

  • Field of View – 5.3 – 1.5M @ 100M
  • Reticle Position – First Focal Plane
  • Eye Relief – 3.5″
  • Scope Turret Adjustment – .1 MRAD Clockwise rotation
  • Double Turn MTC Locking Turret
  • Scope Weight – 38.57 oz*
  • Magnification Range – 5-25
  • Scope Objective Diameter – 56 mm
  • Scope Tube Size / Mount – 34 mm
  • Scope Length -16.4″

Schmidt & Bender is a German company that has been making high-end telescopic sights since 1957. Many U.S. Law enforcement agencies, as well as the U.S. Military, also employ the company’s rifle scope products. The PMII 5-25×56 L/P MTC LT P4Fine FFP MRAD CW riflescope is a top quality sighting instrument made by Schmidt Bender. Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy using this rifle scope because of the 2000m distance sight, double turn elevation adjustment, tactile clicks locking elevation knobs, parallax compensation in a separate turret, great eye relief and wide field of eyesight view for all objects. It features an illuminated reticle for the first or second focal plane revolution. As one of the best tactical scopes, it can be ordered with a variety of reticles, a 1/4 MOA clicks system or a 1/10 mil-rad clicks with MTC turrets.

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