Big game hunting in Quebec

59683Hunting in Quebec, I can say it is a great privilege that many locals do enjoy. Quebec is known to be located at the Northwest of Canada. The city has a large land mass with big rear games that are great and fit for hunting. Before anyone ever thinks of hunting in this town’s exciting nature, it is essential he or she gets the necessary license and permissions to do so. Foreigners or non-Quebec residents who intend to hunt in Quebec should do proper consultations before embarking on any kind of hunt – Canadian government can be tough with their wild game reserves and rules. Now this will take us to the types of big games that are mostly hunted in Quebec. As hunting has increasingly grown stronger, so as the laws guiding hunting and hunting lands also have grown tougher as some hunters do not pay attention to information and warning signs. To be legally allowed to hunt in Quebec, you must be familiar with the act that respects conservation and development of wildlife – “Quebec Ministry of Wildlife Resources.”

img_140312003222017Quebec hunting tips and regulations: hunters who want to hunt in Quebec will get to know about the bagging rules and transportation. How to export and register bagged and big games animals. What to be aware of or do if, in any way, you make an accidental kill. You must know whether it is legal to shoot rifles on the public roads. The hunter also has to get to know the type of vehicles used in this area. There are a lot of rules that anyone who is hunting in Quebec for the first time needs to know including whether hunting with a dog is allowed or not. You think this is funny or strange?  No, it is not! The Quebec government is trying to make Quebec so that everyone can fit in comfortably including the wildlife reserve.

Anyone that wishes to hunt in Quebec will have to obtain the Quebec hunting license which is mandatory. And whenever hunters are going hunting, their hunting license should always be with them. Although, some treatments apply to those hunters who have a family hunting license. This hunting license is given to any Quebec or generally Canadian resident who has acquired hunting certificate.

All residents of Quebec and of Canada in general who wish to become a hunter will have to go through hunting school and get a hunting certificate not minding the kind of weapon of choice that he or she is using or going to use. For example, I use Ruger 10/22 with 22LR cartridges and the best 22 scope made by Barska. In Quebec, the hunting course is offered in the French language. So, you might want to get the hunting certificate in your local area and then upon arriving in Quebec, obtain the Quebec hunting license.

You might be intrigued that Quebec generally has twenty-nine districts of which twenty-eight are hunting areas. What a large acre of land to hunt in. There is also a crucial issue about hunting grounds. Each zone in Quebec has its requirements when talking about the properties and grounds that hunters can explore. It also has a regulation on the types of animal species living there. The ones to be hunted and the ones that are not allowed to hunt upon. Also, there are regulations about the seasons that hunters are authorized to hunt and the bag limits.

Big game hunting in Quebec: in Quebec, big game hunting is a hobby or an outdoor that many enjoy. There are a lot of big games such as Moose, Elk, black bears and many others.

img_141912003232017Moose hunting in Quebec: this is a huge game animal that is commonly found in the Quebec regions. A moose can have the total length of two hundred to two hundred and ninety centimeters. It has a shoulder length of one sixty-nine to one hundred and ninety-two. And weighs about three hundred and twenty-nine to six hundred and thirty-five kilograms for the males. The females weigh from two hundred and twenty-seven to four hundred and eight kilograms. What do you think about such a monster? Do you think that it might be very comfortable for one person to embark on such a big game hunting all alone? I do not believe so. This is the reason the government and wildlife resource control do everything within their range to enlighten hunters who wish to embark hunting and also equip them with the necessary information through hunting education and licensing. Serious precautions should be taken when starting on big game hunting in Quebec.

Black bear hunting in Quebec:  if you ever think of hunting a bear, you better re-think or choose the best bear hunters and experienced person that has been in the game for a very long time. (Bear Hunter Veterans). With such hunters, you are guaranteed with a reasonable amount of safety. Bears are known to be the largest carnivorous animal on the surface of the earth, and they are as clever as humans with great heights when in standing position, and weights.  A black bear might be known to have the total length of one hundred and thirty-seven to one hundred and eighty-eight. With a shoulder height of about sixty-five to ninety-one. Weighs about one hundred and fifteen to two hundred and seventy kilograms for the males, and the females about ninety-two to about one hundred and forty kilograms.

Big game hunting in Quebec is a dream for many young hunters. Quebec has a highly recognized and very attractive wildlife resources. The most important thing is to always make sure that you follow and abide by the laws that protect private properties and wildlife resources.


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