Bighorn ram hunting

img_144912003242017Sometimes killing more bighorn ram will not require a hunter to keep his or her ass at a steady place. Hiking through the mountains can be a challenging thing that can lead to regrettable bighorn ram hunting. Hunters can easily get dehydrated, and it can be worst for beginner hunters with little or less experience in the field. If you are a new hunter, it will be fruitful and safer to look for veteran or experienced bighorn ram hunting group within your locality. Hunting with a group of experienced bighorn hunters will not only teach you the necessary techniques and tips you will need to have a successful bighorn ram hunting, but will also teach you how safety measures during such a timid hunt can be ensured.

However, as hiking might be a difficult thing in mountainous areas which leads to quick loss of body fluid through the skin in the form of sweat. Thus, glassing can be a more challenging thing, and it is essential that during the bighorn ram hunting, a careful glassing of every inch of an area is critical. I use one of the best spotting scope for the money with a rangefinder. Proper glassing will sky-rocket your chances of hunting down a bighorn ram frequently. Hunting smartly is a criterion and not hunting hard. I hope you understand what I meant. One thing that I have come to know about finding a bighorn ram during hunting is spending a reasonable amount of time behind the spotting scope as soon as you get into the hunting area. A flamboyant bighorn ram hunting day begins by going up to the glassing point before the sun sets and it can be rewarding if the hunter can spend not less than three to five hours there per-day. For comfort during such glassing, the hunter might have to change his or her clothes so that the one used in climbing up (wet clothes) will be spread to dry after climbing to the necessary elevation for glassing. The hunter should set a sitting pad for comfort because sitting on a particular spot for an extended period of time is not as easy as it may sound. The next thing is to get the spotting scope and tripod for glassing ready. Then sit back and bring the mountains into your palms glassing every inch of the area of your interest.

img_141612003262017Commit yourself to the time you will be glassing the whole area of your interest. Continue glassing even if you do not find anything. Too many hunters are impatient during this period, and it leads to not very successful hunting. If you wish to become a good and fruitful bighorn ram hunter, you should be able to separate the rocks when glassing, stones, and shadows. Always take a break every ten to twenty-five minutes to refresh your eyes and drink something to keep the rhythm going. One interesting thing about bighorn ram hunting begins the moment right before the hunter peeks through the ridge to see the basin below. Veteran bighorn ram hunter will approach the ridge with awareness and intelligence restraining himself from any noise or motion that might expose his or her presence to the target.

To be professional bighorn hunter, you will need to develop your skills yourself. This does not mean that you should not learn from more experienced hunters than you. Take for instance a new born child, the parents continue to guide and direct until the child becomes a grown up – still he or she remains a child to his or her parents. But then, the child makes his or her own decisions by himself or herself. This is the same thing here. Note that every skyline and ridges are different. When I get closer, I try to locate good places where I can use to rest my backpack. I always make sure that my rifle and my rangefinder are handy. Always take enough time to thoroughly scan the area you are glassing. It is also essential to try as much as possible to avoid visible movement and noise.

img_142612003252017My buddy – Bob and I arrived in the mountain in Montana before sunset for bighorn ram hunting. Bob has spent a good number of days glassing a particular Bighorn that he named Tank. The bighorn was a trophy. So we went hunting it down. After glassing for about two hours, we saw a coyote sneaking out from one corner of the last spot we glassed. Although there were lots of bighorns within that vicinity that we had seen, Bob refused to kill any of them as our target was on “Tank.” Secondly, Bob is the one who will be making the killing, and I was assisting him. You know the rule when it comes to such a hunt. The key holder is the one who decides which animal and when to shoot. After seeing the coyote, I decided to go and have a closer look as we glassed the spot and discovered a freshly dead bighorn. I moved closer and took some pictures, and it was the exact Bighorn that we had come to kill. Then I thought the hunt was over. So I told Bob that there are other bighorns which are still visible to us. He said that there is another one that we should check. On our way to the point of glassing, we saw another dead bighorn making it two. Nonetheless, we started glassing again and luckily, we were able to find the second Bighorn that Bob was looking for at about ninety yards. I am the one doing the major glassing on this particular hunt, Bob was the one with the rifle. I was the one glassing. I liked it because I have taken some time to teach myself how to use a scope for glassing or hunting.

To cut the whole story short, after I used the rangefinder to determine the distance of the Bighorn ran from us, I told Bob he should make the shot whenever he was ready. He took the shot, and I was glassing. It was unbelievable how the bighorn ram hunting that I thought was a nightmare became a light once more as I watch the Bighorn ram stumbling down the mountain. The most difficult thing about bighorn ram hunting is the mountainous nature and the long hours of glassing. But the end always justifies the means.

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