Caribou hunting with sniper rifle

img_144712003312017I am here in Alaska wrapped up with epic caribou hunt. I am hoping to share with you some few tips and tactics that you have to keep in mind anytime you are planning an adventure hunt. If you decide you want to go chase Caribou in Alaska, I want you to know that you will have a lot of opportunities with migratory herds. But sometimes, the risk there is that you might be too early or a little bit too late and that sometimes happens when some hunters go in and are not able to find any animal. Then they start to regret and start saying – oh – they should have been in the hunt for last week or they would have arrived by next week because it would have been prime. But I chose to take the risk to hunt a little bit of the resident herd. The advantage of hunting a smaller or a resident herd is that you are going to see animals every single day. You are not going to see ten or twenty as the hunters who hunt in the smaller herds, but here in the migratory herds, you will see some high-quality animals and plenty of Caribou that you could go after. I advise you to do your research very well before embarking on your caribou hunting with a sniper rifle whether in the smaller herd or migratory herd.

If your time and migration are right, a herd can be a phenomenon. But if you want to have a guaranteed shot at seeing animals and having a chance of the good caribou, sometimes the smaller herds are a good way to go. If you wish to have five or ten days hunting, plan a ten o’clock day hunt. Cancel a day or two if the weather did not allow you to hunt which might be possible and the primary reason to have an extended days or time in the herd. It doesn’t matter if it’s August or October. You can go from terrible sunshine to rain and terrible weather conditions in a matter of half a day and even in a couple of hours. So you have really got to be prepared for that. Anytime you are hunting outside your state, you will need to know the local game laws. Every state is different including the state that I am from. The waste of game there is a huge issue which I think is the same everywhere. If you kill a Caribou in my State, they want you to take out every piece of meat. Make sure you are aware of the game laws and be prepared to pick out every piece of the flesh.

It’s nine-fifty in the morning, and we just got dropped off by the transport airplane in the middle of a vast hunting land. My buddy and I planned on seven days shooting. I have a bow with me, and my buddy has a long range sniper rifle. I also have a spotting scope that I bought not quite long ago after watching some of the best spotting scope reviews from a television program.

img_140812003322017After we have scouted and glassed for about twenty minutes, I found a caribou about two hundred yards away. Its position wasn’t as comfortable as it should be because the caribou is in an open and vast land. Any movement we make might put us in a position of losing the large caribou, and this is one risk that I cannot afford to take at the moment. So we crawled about fifty yards closer, and that was the maximum we can go without it noticing us. Here a bow cannot do the job better than a long range sniper rifle can do. I decided to hand my bow to my friend in an exchange with his long range snipers rifle. After some minutes, the caribou started to route towards our direction. Then, my buddy told me we are about one hundred and twenty-five yards away from it. He suggested that it might be the best time to take the shot. I agreed. But immediate I have glassed the caribou and waiting for it to stop, it kicked-off running fast. I decided to be patient with it, and after some seconds it halted, and I took the shot.

However, it is essential to know how to hide away from animals that you are hunting. Try and get camouflage for hunting clothes that will support you in your best hunting seasons to mask away from your prey. If you like shooting in winter, buy camouflage that is suitable for winter. If in spring or summer, please do purchase the exact one that will help you to achieve a good hunt. We planned hunting for seven days, but we got what we wanted under some hours, and we are ready to go. Although, I will say that luck was on our side that day – unlike any other caribou hunting day.

Thus, we were able to achieve this hunt following the fact that we carried along with us a long range sniper rifle and a bow. Many people will ask why caribou hunting with sniper rifle. I will start answering by saying that plucking the heart of that caribou from its chest from about one hundred and twenty-five yards can only be achieved using such a reliable long range rifle. In the position as ours when hunters cannot get any closer due to the type of place the hunting is done, such long range sniper rifles save you from long crawling and hiding and so on. It also helps the hunter to be able to do a precise shot or target shooting. It is very essential to have spotting scope and rangefinders in such a hunt.

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