Choosing scope for muzzleloaders

img_144412003332017Before this time, people have been taking an ordinary riflescope and mounting them on the muzzleloader rifle. But the question is what makes a muzzleloading scope? Well, there is a lot of different attributes about choosing the best scope for muzzleloader.

  1. The eye relief
  2. The position of the parallax
  3. The BDC that compensates specifically for the trajectory of the muzzleloader.

Recently a lot of giant optic companies such as Nikon has taken this technology from a muzzleloader scope, and they have used it to develop series or lines of scopes for handguns, specifically for rifles, for slug guns, and now they have scopes that are dedicated to AR-15’s and the 2- 23 calibers.

It is fascinating to see the development of scopes today that are very specific to either caliber or a particular style of guns. Handguns. Shotguns. Muzzleloaders and rifles.

Take note that muzzleloaders are significant guns in their bullet drop which anyone who wishes to buy a rifle scope for a muzzleloader rifle should seriously put into considerations if he or she is planning on shooting any distance at 100 yards. However, whenever you are planning on getting a scope for a muzzleloader rifle, you should understand that rather than aiming low on the target, a different reticle should be considered. There are lots of rifle scopes out there in the market with the conventional reticle. In the instance for a muzzleloader rifle scope, you will have to put in consideration a scope for muzzleloader that has the multiple reticles. Do not forget the saying “learning makes perfect.” If you do not learn, you cannot be perfect. If you need a rangefinder to help you determine your distance, then go for the best rangefinder scope out there. Aiming for variable distances might cost someone who just began shooting a lot of stress. Above all, it is essential you do proper research and do a great homework on whatever rifle scope you wish to purchase.

There are a lot of significant things to consider when choosing the best scope for muzzleloader rifle. Try to put the eye relief in high consideration. The standard 0.3 to many people is enough. But for me, when it comes to choosing the scope for muzzleloader, I prefer to go for the one that has 0.4 eye relief or even as far as 0.5. Perhaps, this will be great to save someone from the punch that comes from the aluminum casing of the scope during recoil.

Usually, I do not prioritize this feature as a must have in the rifle scope for a muzzleloader, but it can be understandable why some people want to have it or if I may say, like it. As a shooter of any kind, it is essential that you know what the parallax of a rifle scope is. Perhaps, average shooters or just people who shoot at the close range for fun might not have to worry about knowing much about the parallax because it mostly applies to long range shooters, extreme and accurate shooters with high magnification scopes or maybe you are an air gun competitive shooter. Then you are required to know how the parallax works.

Parallax can be explained with a simple English without much technical words or grammar. How do I do this? Okay, I will try to simplify it. Let’s say that you are sitting behind your long range rifle on a bench and it is entirely supported, and you are not touching it at all, and you look through the rifle scope. The crosshairs are perfectly centered on the target. Then you move your head around, and the crosshairs appear to move a bit about the target, that is what referred as parallax. It happens when your eye and the target and the lenses inside the scope are not entirely in line usually because your eye is not exactly centered in the eyepiece.

img_143012003342017Aircraft graded aluminum is mostly used in most recently produced rifle scope tubes. They are made for durability and maximum guarantee which is play a significant role about the lifetime warranty that many rifle scope giant now give to their customers.

It is imperative to know what the muzzleloader manufacturer recommended for your muzzleloader scope. This will help you to maximize its use and killing ability when the need for it arrives. With this information, you will be able to use your muzzleloader scope and muzzleloader rifle in combinations to achieve shots at reasonable distances.

However, when it comes to BDC reticle. I honestly cannot say that a particular optic company is the best because there is nothing like the most professional football player in the world. But if I should say what is best for me. I will say that Nikon Prostaff BDC reticle scope for muzzleloaders is a great one when it comes to BDC reticle trajectory. It has dots on the vertical axis of the crosshair with the approximate of each dot when in standard or in magnified mode. Perhaps, this might not work for everyone. So make sure when you are making a choice for how to choose the best scope for your muzzleloader, you should be able to understand some basic features that are applied to the specially designed rifle scope for a muzzleloader.

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