Coyote hunting in Illinois

img_143212003402017Frankly speaking, most people think that becoming a hunter is an easy task. Sometimes, where the problems lie is not always the direction beginner hunters always look to. For hunting a coyote in Illinois, you will need a license and a habitat stamp except in the States where these are exempted or to individuals who are exempted from this regulations due to one reason or the other. Sometimes, hunters that do join my group do ask if other hunters from other US States can also enjoy the habit of hunting coyote in Illinois. The answer to that question is yes if you already have every documentation necessary for the hunt. However, a good coyote hunting rifle equipped with a rifle scope.  One of the buddies has an AR 15, and he equipped it with the best AR 15 scope made by Leupold optics.

However, coyote hunting can be done all year round in Illinois and statewide between November 20 and close December, and there are no limits to how many coyotes you should hunt. The legal coyote hunting hours in Illinois is during the striped skunk opossum archery deer bow hunting season for coyote. However, electronic calling devices are legally accepted in the Illinois coyote hunting and also can be used during the night hunt for hunters that hunt coyote at night. If you may notice, coyote hunting needs calling. Almost 50 percent of coyote hunters in the Illinois region have an electronic calling device for coyote hunting. Decoys are also legal in Illinois coyote hunting.

Jeremy-Burns-had-a-good-day-of-coyote-hunting-in-late-February-using-a-Fox-Pro-callerI have heard someone ask questions like the type of guns that are suitable for coyote hunting. Coyotes can be hunted using either the shotguns or the rifles. They can be hunted with any kind of caliber rifle. But it is required that the guns used in coyote hunting in Illinois must be one among the ones the state authorities endorsed. If not, serious consequences may follow. If you do not live in Illinois and you wish to come and the community of coyote hunting here, you will be required to know about some rifle arms rules that may apply. For example: in Illinois, coyote hunters are warned to put their firearms unloaded until the hunter has decided on what place and right of the way in which he will be hunting.  Coyotes can be hunted in government properties and also in private properties. All you need is to get the necessary licenses and permissions before embarking on coyote hunting or trespassing on properties that are not allowed by their owners too. This can as well evoke the law where serious punishments may be applied.

If you are using a rifle in hunting coyote, I will recommend you get yourself the best rifle scope for that rifle. Hunting with iron sights can be very stressful and not always rewarding. You can imagine putting down a coyote at about two hundred yards with an AR-15 and iron sight. That might be one of the stupidest things any good coyote hunter in Illinois will ever do. Well, I am not saying that it is an impossible thing to do. After all, there may be hunters out there who have a rifle optics built into their eyes – laughs. Except that coyote walks up to you and say: hey hunter, I am yours, then you can do the job with an iron sight.

Well, as a resident of Illinois, I will say that if anyone ever wishes to join a coyote hunting group in this region or wishes to learn more or wants to start hunting coyotes as a fresher. One thing I can tell about coyote hunting is there is nothing complicated about it. I do not go out to chase them, and I believe this is applied to almost all the coyote hunters. With the electronic calling system, it is easier and almost guaranteed that whenever you go out hunting on a coyote with the right hunting gears, you are likely to get at least a catch. The most important thing is to know what you are hunting, the time of the year they are hunted, how they are hunted and the necessary documentations required for you to be able to hunt the particular species. Do not forget, in any type of hunting you are doing or you are planning to embark on, without good rifles and best rifle scopes specially designed for that purpose, the hunt might be a try and error hunt. Just as I said earlier about my buddy, who uses mounted the best AR scope on his AR-15 rifle that he uses for coyote hunting. Beware, the hunter might as well become the hunted. The safety measure is a necessity.

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