Deer hunting tips for a Novice

2017-05-05_170725How does it sound when we hear the word “hunting” or to “hunt”? I know that in our modern world today, people source information at all means as the saying goes “knowledge is power”! This is where we will begin to answer most crucial questions that concern hunting and what we hunt.

What is hunting? Hunting is the act of trapping, killing, tracking or pursuing of animals with the motive of doing so. I could remember when I was a child, I sometimes go fishing with my father. One day, in the process of fishing, my father caught a big fish, I was overwhelmed. When we got back home, I quickly ran to my mother and told her that we hunted the fishes and caught a big one. But then, my mother told me that the act of catching a fish is called fishing.  That memory never left my mind until this day even as a grown person. There are different categories of hunting. Hunting to some people could be a game, an act of relaxation and spending vacations with friends, colleagues and close ones. It can also be categorized as a sport.

In other words, the animals that are hunted are also referred to as prey or game.

Here are some important deer tips for a beginner:

  1. Making a list of the deer hunter’s ammo-  keeping all instruments and materials that are needed for your perfect deer hunting close to hand and intact will help you not to forget some basic things when the deer hunting period comes which is considered to be once in a year thing. This will help you to maximize your opportunity as they do not come often and if you miss one at the moment, who knows when the next will come?
  2. There are some common things that some hunters ignore, but a professional deer hunter can’t afford to ignore and this is putting the wind in consideration when aiming for that perfect shot. Deer is not that rampant which means; if you miss any opportunity you get on sight to a deer, you might pay the prize as another one might not come around so easily.
  3. Another useful hint to novice in this field of deer hunting is to avoid smells: we, humans are fond of using different substances that have a distinctive scent; these smells can be perceived by a deer at a distance without the deer even setting its eyes on you. It is also advisable not to wear your hunting clothes at home. After every deer hunting period, it might be much better if you pick up some leaves from the forest or the spot of your last deer hunt. What are the leaves for? Well, you will be required to put your hunting clothes and the leaves in one packet and leave it there until the next hunting season. Well, that might sound odd to a novice, but a deer hunting professional knows that it is a professional way of not contaminating your hunting clothes with a human basic home smell. It is also advisable for deer hunters to use deodorants, soaps and after shaves with no smell, though I cannot really imagine using stuffs like that without a smell: but it is for you not to have any problem that will wade deer that is supposed to come your way away from passing by. But to add to your efforts and experience to hunt down a deer, you will need to do what the professionals do to get more enlightened on this field.

Maybe you have heard that the smell from the human urine can also attract deer, but I doubt that. If you try and it works for you good, but if it doesn’t, you can pass the information to a novice or to someone who might think that it works, that it doesn’t help.2017-05-05_174940

  1. Mapping out and tracing the routes deer use is very important. Learn every ridge, escape route, food source and trail. This will definitely help you narrow down the range of most deer in that area. It is advised to take between 30 – 85 or 90 acre area, scout it and learn every deer route and corridor within as I have said earlier; trust me, this will help you track down every single whitetail in that area. Unlike some hunters who roam the whole forest for little of less catch. Basically, you should follow your instinct as this can be a key to a great hunting success.
  2. Hunting isn’t an easy hobby or game. It needs patience, good planning and tolerance. Why tolerance? Because the weather sometimes might be messy or the soil moldy after rain or it might even suddenly begin to rain. Go hunting with a rain coat. I am saying this from experience. Deer might feed again after a heavy storm. Note that most times when it’s windy or when there is heavy storm, deer bed in sheltered areas. When the temperature drops, deer mostly move to feeding points regardless of what time of the day it might be. This is the time most deer hunting professionals keep watch on the feeding areas, trails and farm fields.
  3. What do professional hunters do to hunt down turkey? They make those sounds that attract turkey. The same thing happens here during the deer hunt. You must learn how to call a deer, though not a must that your call will bring them to you, but it can make a running deer to halt for a second so that you can buy yourself some time to take a shot while the deer is standing at a point. That is known is to call a deer or talking the deer vocals. Many hunters say that deer is a vocal animal. I might agree with that, but not asking anyone to either. But if your first call works, then believe me, it will be worth it to learn how to call better – the deer vocal- which sounds like this: B-L-A-A-A-A-A-T-T.
  4. Hunting is a strategic thing. You will need a good strategy to be able to hunt deer. Sit still in a spot and avoid moving around most times. Because it takes a moving hunter to hunt one walk over deer at a time. This means that staying at a point where you think that is the right route pays more than just walking around as deer might notice you as far as possible without even seeing you. I will also advise you to carry your lunch with you. Most deer hunters head back to their camps during lunch, but it will be better if you have a warm coat or rain coat with you also. During that lunch time, a miracle might come your way as it might be the exact time that buck will come your way while other hunters are in the camp warming up. Remember, hunters walking all over the forest will push the deer to you.
  5. Always pay attention in standing corn. Deer can take refuge in a grassy swale which is surrounded with mowed or picked field. Never ignore woods close to town. Deer can be within those little wood areas that you might not expect them to be. Just remember that the moment you approach a hunting area, that is when the hunt begins whether it’s the right spot you keep watch or not. Be very attentive and your sense organs should be at their optimum use whenever you go for a hunt. Knowing the smells, sounds and footsteps of a deer is a great asset too: watch the movement of something; a flick of a tail or ear; that white patch on its neck or that long dots that went down through its ribs or even that black nose could be a source for your target.

When going for deer hunt, you should be in your best mood. Don’t leave your instinct at home. Wait for every deer hunting season with passion and when the season begins, hunt like it will be the last. Don’t forget, good hunters keep check of their hunting wield until the next hunting season. Don’t take more than you can chew. Don’t hunt and let it to be a waste. Share with loved ones and anyone that never tasted a deer meet. Cheerfulness may be your talisman.

A must have items in your deer hunting pack list.

As the deer hunting season might be some months away. It is advisable to start preparing your gear for the season. There are lots of items to be prepared as a hunter. Don’t wait until its time, as rushing to get everything at the same time might lead you to forgetting something. Note that every item has its unique purpose when the need comes.

  1. Grunt tube super calling tube

This is a super calling tube for deer. You don’t want to miss this if you really want to be the tuff deer hunter for the season.

  1. Scent killerperfect body scent diffuser

The perfect body scent diffuser. This item helps you to change the scent or smell your body already wears when properly applied to your hunting clothes and hunting boats. It’s a must thing as deer can smell you from a far.

  1. Rain gear Softshell jacket

Softshell jacket, a good choice because it has great waterproof quality, heat retention during the winter and has the ability to release heat during the sunny period. This type of rain gear is a great option for a deer hunter.

Riflescope: the riflescope of a deer hunter should be well selected and must have all necessary qualities that can enhance comfort in deer hunting. Here you can find a lot better long range riflescope that suits you.


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