Define your target range with rangefinder scope

23Before we start hitting the nitty-gritty of how you can define your target range with a rangefinder scope, please let me be obliged to quickly explain to you what a rangefinder rifle scope is all about. A rangefinder rifle scope helps the shooter or hunter to electronically see the distance, windage, and elevation of his or her target while looking through the rangefinder riflescope. I came across almost all the information when I was doing rifle scope reviews. With a rangefinder rifle scope mounted on any firearm, the shooter will not have to start writing down the parameters of the distance, windage, and elevation in the case of the variable riflescopes. Here, the rangefinder while looking through it to your target, tells you the exact distance, windage, and elevation. They are mostly called laser rangefinders because they use laser light to determine the range of their targets. Isn’t that a wonder? Yes, it is.

In our modern world where technology is growing faster than any other era in the past. These technologies did not only extend to robotics, but also to all people who use all kinds of optics such as sporting optics, gaming optics, optics for photography and other use of optic that may be required today. Most optic giants are engaged in the innovation of their products giving their customers everything they need to have a successful long range, short range, tactical or precise or even practical shooting.

To begin with, there are a wide range of rangefinders in the market as cameras with a rangefinder, spotting scopes, golfing, fishing, and for riflescopes and many others. But we are going to lay our emphasis on the riflescope rangefinder.

As I have mentioned earlier, riflescope rangefinder is built with a laser light that helps it determine the distance of its targets. Another thing to note is that most laser rangefinder riflescopes use batteries. As long as anything can emit light, it will always have a source of energy. So this is where the battery comes to play. There numerous optic giants who manufacture high-quality rangefinder scopes and they may include:img_145412003422017

  • Bushnell rangefinders
  • Halo rangefinders
  • Leica rangefinders
  • Leupold rangefinders
  • Nikon rangefinders
  • Burris rangefinders

Bushnell was able to introduce a rangefinder that was able to interface with the smartphone. The Elite 1 Mile CONX by Bushnell. This is high technologically engineered and a great advantage to long range shooters.  This rangefinder scope allows you the opportunity to set it up with your smartphone. Once this is done, the rangefinder gives you access to three different ballistic curves. Now you are the master of your target. You will cease the opportunity and get hold over the values from the laser rangefinder; MOA and in inches on your smartphone. With the help of some weather features, you will be able to advance on the environmental data which is a priority when doing a long range shot. Having such a rangefinder with ballistic features, the shooter can easily define his target position with the help of the rangefinder scope.

Nikon was also able to manufacture a laser rangefinder and a riflescope that inbuilt together. Nikon made long range shooting easier to their customers with their innovation of the rangefinder riflescope. They used the Nikon immediate range Technology (IRT). This technology helps their clients to be able to pinpoint targets at reasonable distances and determine the (BDC) bullet drop compensation of their shots. With this easy to use rifle scope, Nikon customers who use it for long range shooting where able to aim a target as far as 766 yards with just one touch click with accurate readings. This powerful rangefinder riflescope by Nikon is waterproof, shockproof and fogproof, but has a limited lifetime warranty. Another thing to note about this rangefinder scope is that has a 3v CR2 battery. This rangefinder riflescope mount is designed by Nikon to fit in with the Weaver style base.

Burris Eliminator III Ballistic Laser Scope is a riflescope that is built with a rangefinder. It is a 4-16×50. This riflescope has an adjustable parallax that will take you from fifty yards out to infinity. It is powered by one CR123A battery.  – Which gives you about five thousand cycles on the laser rangefinder. What that means is that when you are behind the scope, and you want to see the range in yards or even meters of your choice, all you need to do its just push the button to one or the other side of the scope. It is easy to reach, a very ergonomic place for the button. This is a lot like the standard tradition riflescope as well. Elevations and windage knobs, once you get them dialed in, then throw back the caps on them and you are ready to go. This rangefinder scope has a perfect eyepiece with an enormous amount of eye relief of three and a half to four inches. This helps in the situation when you mount such a rangefinder riflescope on a big rifle, you will get all the eye relief you need due to the massive recoil of the rifle. The scope is also built with a beautiful and comfortable mounting system, and base actually has a built in rail. The scope also comes with clamps that can clamp on any Weaver or Picatinny rails. It is an adjustable clamp system that helps you to adjust whether you have a Weaver rail or Picatinny standardized, it will be able to fit with either of them.

img_143712003432017One of the nice things this riflescope does is that it helps you to define your target range with a rangefinder so that you have a maximum reflective distance, and then the target distance. So the maximum reflective distance on this scope is about twelve hundred yards. But if you are ranging on an animal; a large game like an elk, you are looking at about seven hundred and fifty to eight hundred yards. This is going to give you the holdover for both elevation and windage calculations. This is going to be displayed on the upper corner of the glass, and it’s going to tell you how far to hold left and right of your crosshair. Now, with all these information, you are able to hold dead on your target using the rangefinder scope.

They are built to help define your target range with rangefinder scope, and by now, you are able to know the pros and cons of the rangefinder scopes.



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