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img_151012003562017The number question that I have got to ask myself after my family – wife and two beautiful daughters and I moved into our new home was: which rifle is the perfect home defense weapon and what is the best rifle scope for short range and tactical shooting that can go with it? Many Europeans would not understand what it is like to live in the United States of America. Please quote me right. I am not saying as a US citizen that the United States of America is the most dangerous place to live: No. But what I am trying to say is that in early 2017, there was a review that shows the amount of home invasion in the US, and it says about six thousand eight hundred in a month. Believe me, no other country in the world has such a high level of home invasion. After I saw that review, which was after some weeks my family and I left my parents’ house for our new home. I said to myself, I will do everything possible to keep my home and my family safe so I decided to dig deep into the best home defense weapons which lead me to write this article. I hope you will enjoy it.

However, the question of what is the best home defense rifle cannot be answered with just one gun. And if it could have, you would have already known the answer. But what I can tell you is that you have to have a gun that is suitable for your individual level of proficiency. You may choose a revolver, semi-automatic, shotgun or AR type of rifles. But if you do not know how to actually use that gun, by knowing the correct to malfunction instantly, then you should not use that weapon in a life or death situation. Thus, you should remember what you are using the rifle for – to defend yourself and your family from the brutal home invasion. This person wants to kill you, bang, rape, or murder your family. And because you say some great shows out there that someone had a cool gun and you jump out to say that is the one for you. You spend a lot of money. You went and buy the most expensive gear for it. And you think you are going to run that gun when you have no idea of how it works – that is going to painfully disappoint you in the middle of an invasion.

Pistols: if was to run a pistol in a home defense situation, I will require as many bullets as I can get. Make sure that is a pistol that you and your family members can handle. Pistols that you can actually employ, and you can manipulate should a malfunction occurs.

Long guns: there are a lot of new AR’s out there. I love the AR platform. But it is a complicated weapon system that you should immensely learn how to operate it. Here all you have to do after mastering your AR for home defense when needed is to load the magazine, press the paddle, and run the bolt forward. Then you have to take the selector switch and move from safe to fire. The AR shooter 223, the magazine will hold thirty rounds. That is a lot of bullets. But you have to look at your environment specifically because if you go popping up some rounds from an AR inside a confined space full of drywall installations. If you have got children or family members in that position, there is a high chance that this will over penetrate. Here is something else to consider. Guns off inside the house. Have you heard it? Have you heard how loud it is? It is deafening. You will need to consider that this gun is going to make a lot of noise and it is going to distort your environment. Well, fortunately, it is also going to distort his environment or their surroundings as well.

img_151012003572017Shotguns: the old seventy tactical rifle: mine has a light, forward hand grab – Thomson style. It also has a side-setter with extra shells. It has a rail on top with the best rifle scope for shotguns. And in the plug, it lets me hold six rounds and the barrel is sixteen inches. The rounds are a double up buck, and this is what most of the guys say they want: it is a fantastic gun. But if you are buying this gun and this is the only gun you have for home protection – are you expecting your wife or your girlfriend and your loved one to be able to pick this gun up and run it out like you do? The truth is that this gun is heavy and it has a lot of recoils. For me, I am good with it. But you just make sure that your people are trained on how to use it.

However, the twenty gauge youth combo is mostly used in turkey hunting. But it is also set up for home defense. I usually mount some of the best scopes on the market suitable for their individual purposes on my rifles. So I mounted a 4X fixed power Vortex scope on it. This gun is a light twenty gauge. A smaller size person, women can hold a twenty gauge gun. Any lady trained or thought about how to use a twenty gauge gun in home defense will do great with it. She can hold on her shoulder a twenty gauge shotgun and with the children behind her, and she can still comfortably fire it. This gun is easy to move around doors and obstacles with the kids behind you. A twenty gauge shotgun with bird shot is less likely to penetrate into another room than any other gun most people think it’s best for home defense.

You may buy the A 70 tactical for yourself and mount the best rifle scope in the market on it, you may buy some type of moss burg or everything else you have seen on call of duty. You may have all that on your gun, and that is great. But if you are going to buy something that the entire family or a family member is going to use, I will recommend a youth mottle twenty gauge shotgun. Put bird shot in it and add more rounds with a side-setter. But if you do have an AR, also fantastic. You have a lot of shots and great knockdown power – watch your over penetration – you need to get some training on it. Remember, family first, and their safety as the man of the house lies in your hands.

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