How to gut and butcher deer

img_200812003582017Gutting the deer you hunt is a privilege. There are a lot of people today who enjoy different types of meat but do not want to have anything doing with the cleaning and stuff like that. Although, if it is compulsory that everyone should clean their meats themselves, then believe it or not a lot of people will automatically become vegetarians. But becoming a veteran hunter, a veteran deer hunter, it is crucial to know how to gut and butcher deer especially the one you hunted yourself. I have heard a lot of hunters complain that the butcher they gave their deer to clean stole some meats. Why won’t he or she take some meat from the deer? They say “you earn from the place you work.” So to avoid complaining, learn how to gut and butcher deer – your catch.

It all began after my wife, and I decided to take hunting as a family pastime. After we had made that decision, I purchased Ruger America Rimfire Bolt Action Rifle for my wife and me for a start. I mounted one of the best rimfire scope on it manufactured by Simmons. Almost everything I know about hunting, I learned from experienced hunters. And with the help of my uncle who has been hunting since I was a child. So we started from our home because we own five acres of land which extends from where I built my house towards the back that leads into woods. I never believe that my wife and I could ever do it until we caught our first deer, gutted and cleaned it and that was where our urge, hunger, and passion for hunting began. So let me stop here and concentrate on our main topic – how to gut and butcher deer.

Gutting and cleaning a deer might not be as easy as so many people might think. So in this review, I am going to tell more about which areas of the deer’s body you need to start and how to place your knife before making your first cut. So here we go.

040eefe27cdd440108e70b8bbc8db6eb-d6nl40lAfter making sure your knife is placed as I mentioned earlier, then grab some hairs on the belly and make a little light cut. Congrats, you just made your first cut on how to gut and butcher deer. Then carefully observe and continue making the cut towards the upper part of the deer. When you have progressed cutting it wider, you will discover that there is a second layer covering the stomach apart from the skin where there are hairs. If you see this, then you have made a good cut for a start. After you have done the cutting to the chest region, all you have to do now is to make a little cut on the light and a transparent layer that is separating the stomach from the skin if you did not commit any mistakes cutting it from the beginning of the gutting and butchering. If you did, just suspend every other thing and make sure you take out everything in the belly of the deer. But if you did not commit the mistake earlier, then cut the light layer open and make sure you carefully take out everything in the belly. After doing so, then make deep cuts around the ankles nearer to the laps, place your knife in the same position I told you earlier, grab some hair around the ankle and begin to cut accurately. What you are trying to do now is to separate the hairy skin from the meat. Do the same to the four legs and then take it down towards the belly region and clean towards the back. Now you will notice that the neck area is still holding the skin. Make a deep cut around the neck and repeat the same thing as you did on the legs. Grab some hair around the neck and place your knife as usual and continue to clean until the whole skin with the hair is laid separate from the meat. Now only the back side is left. Adjust the dear by putting one side of the meat on the ground so that you will be able to cut out the skin from the back side. Now that you have completely gutted and skinned your deer, it is time to butcher it.

Cut out the legs/laps from the meat. Do the same to the front legs. It is advisable to follow the line of muscles when cutting. Then begin to cut the meat to your choice of sizes and purposes you wish to use it – for drying, cooking, for making sausages and so on.

Thus, hoping that this review has explained some basic steps on how to gut and butcher deer. No more taking that big buck to a strange butcher. Become your own butcher because it is a quality a Veteran deer hunter should possess.


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