How to Zero a Hunting Rifle

img_205712003602017When talking about zeroing a hunting rifle, it does not mean that other guns are not included in the run. Any gun that can release a bullet to hit a target can be used for hunting and also in war zones. Though there are specially designed combat rifles. You can take the AR-15 for instance. A lot of people are beginning to use the AR’s now in hunting especially in the United States of America. That boils down to what I said earlier. However, we will be looking at how to zero a rifle using iron sight and also how to zero a rifle using a riflescope. I will try as much as possible to answer the question on how to zero a hunting rifle in brief and in simple words.

How to zero a hunting rifle with iron sight – AR -15 for instance. First, there are some things that you will need to know which may include: what does zeroing a rifle sight mean? This means that the shooter simply wants to align the gun sight with where bullets will hit and which should be at the point where the shooter aims to shoot at. One thing to keep in mind is that the path of the bullet cannot be changed by manipulating the rifle. Also, the scope’s reticles and the rear sights can be re-positioned to help adjust the windage and elevation movement of the bullet drops. And this is achieved by placing your eye on the reticle or where you want the bullet to drop in case of iron sights.

The first thing when you are shooting, and you wish to get your zero using an AR-15 with iron sight, you have to be stable to achieve it. In this case, a lot of people use a shooting bag, and they rest the gun’s hand guard (forearm) of the rifle on it to keep it steady. With this, the shooter will get the most consistent shots. Then the shooter should use his or her body to adequately support the rifle because it will not be okay if the gun is jumping up and down when shooting – AR rifles have good kickbacks. So the shooter will need to keep the gun steady when shooting. Now, the first thing the shooter needs to do is to establish a point of aim. So the shooter will need to put the front iron sight right on the target – when zeroing iron sights with an AR, make sure to do it with the smaller aperture because AR’s come with two aperture, the big and the small. Here I will say that the small one is more precise even at fifty yards (50) which are the recommended for new shooters. The front sight is what the shooter needs to place on the target. The shooter will have to close his or her eyes and inhale, then exhale. This should be repeated twice, and after every exhale, the shooter should look through the iron sight and be sure that it still remained in the position(natural point of aim). If not, then shooter will have to adjust his or her body to make sure the sight of target aligns with one another with the iron sight. He or she should repeat the process again until he or she had exhaled twice and the iron sight still holds dead on the aim point. Then the shooter should establish three shots group. If the bullet did not meet the point of aim, then the iron sight needs to be adjusted, and after every adjustment, three group shots should be followed. This needs to be done until the bullet starts hitting the point of aim. You can look up more about how the adjustments apertures are made in some online blog.

Looking into how to zero a scope on your rifle. Let me start by saying that I will be using the scope from Leupold on this one. An accurately zeroed rifle is essential if you want to hit what you are aiming at. Here I will tell you how to properly zero a rifle from scratch with a new scope.

  • Set up a target at about fifty yards. You will need to use a card with a target zone at the center. Because you are hoping to see where the bullet will land on the card.
  • Mainly use a target that is matching one inch or twenty-five-millimeter divisions which will aid the adjustments later when needed
  • Check all rifle components. Make sure the scope fittings are secure.
  • Align the scope with the barrel. If you have fitted the scope yourself, you will need to use the old method which is removing the bolt and sighting down the ball. Set up a steady rest for the gun, sight down the ball and position the rifle so that you are looking down the ball and onto the paper target. With less contact to the rifle, look through the scope and adjust the crosshairs to the center of the target. Please set your scope according to the user manual from the manufacturer.
  • Fire the first shot aiming at your target. Then establish how far you are from zero. Using the high power Leupold riflescope after the first shot, I can say that the change is three inches high and one and a half inches to the left. Now I have to adjust windage and elevation settings. Hopefully this time, I should be somewhere near the zero. Do not forget that setting of every scope may vary. So be sure to check before adjusting. Now I will fire the second shot. I fired another three shots in succession, and they all landed on the zero dot on the paper.

After doing this simple review, please allow me to believe that by now you have known how to zero a hunting rifle whether with a scope or an iron sight. And I hope that this simple guide which precisely explained it all with a detailed information helps.

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