Hunting Montana Buffalo

img_203212003642017When the time for buffalo hunting begins every season, a lot of hunters wish to obtain the tag that will enable them to take part in the season’s buffalo hunt. Here in Montana, it is nothing different from the others. Buffalos are very tough and enduring animal. They can travel many miles per day. They can also be described as agile because they can run at the speed of thirty-five kilometer per hour for up to one-quarter mile. Hunting Montana Buffalo can be very challenging because they are capable of jumping a height of six feet. Although, ninety-nine percent of Buffalo also do. They can maneuver and travel over terrine that is steep and rugged. They are often compared to a mountain goat due to their skills and ability to get around over this terrene. A bison sense of smell are cute, but they have very poor eyesight.

However, the adult male or bulls are typically larger than the females. Bison is known to be one of the biggest land animals in the North America. They were once almost hunted to annihilation. This dangerous and monstrous animal has repopulated over a period of time and is entirely taken off the protected list of species. Buffalos can attack a hunter with little or no warning, and they are highly unpredictable. A bison can weigh up to two thousand pounds and can run thirty miles per hour so when hunting Montana buffalo (bison), you better consider having the best quality long range rifle with a durable and the best scope for the money manufactured for long range hunting with a consistent eye relief. The adult females or cows weigh about a thousand pounds.img_203912003652017

Thus, all buffalos have horns. This characteristic makes it quite difficult to identify the different ages and sexes. The bull’s horns are larger in diameter than cows. The shape of the horn can be different of the sexes, with the bull’s horn appearing in more square shapes like a goal post and sometimes, they may be rounded. In the yelling bulls, the horns look almost like the ice-cream corns attached to the sides of their heads. The horns on the cows are more rounded in shape and are smaller in diameter.

Bison tracks are very similar to those of cattle. So when hunting Montana Buffalo, you should not only look for tracks but also search for indications of wallowing. Both sexes and age classes of bison create wallows which are shallow depressions in the soil usually in dry sites. They sometimes leave their wooly black hairs in the brush.

Now, on the more specific details for preparing for hunting Montana buffalos. Every bison hunting season has its challenges, and hunting Montana buffalos make no difference. The weather conditions, terrene, locating buffalos and taking care of your game needs, make it tough. You may experience snow during the winter/spring hunt, and you may experience ample sunshine during the summer hunt. It is challenging locating the bison no matter what hunt you have, and the season you are hunting. If you have never been to buffalo hunting areas before, be warned that is remote and primitive. Be prepared to drive a long lonely way without any residents within its vicinity. Gas, phones, and food supplies are in long distance away, and you will need to take everything you need along with you. Camping is also very primitive. So be prepared for the weather and pack the appropriate clothing with you. Cell phone services are highly limited, and most places around where hunting Montana Buffalo can be possible, there might not be a cell phone service at all. There is no trash pickup, so try as much as possible to remember packing out what you packed in. The wild life areas do not have public restaurants either. In some states, the kind of transportation that can be used are restricted, so get adequate information before embarking on hunting Montana buffalos.

Hunting Montana Buffalo can be known as one of the toughest in the States, and any hunter who wants to embark on hunting bison should be on the top of physical conditions, unless, it can lead to the loss of life. The hunter will be expected to hike many miles with about four thousand or five thousand feet or even higher. Do not expect to show up on an open day and hope to meet a Buffalo, but if you do, then the hard work has just begun.

When choosing a rifle, use a gun with two seventy; three hundred magnums or larger caliber with good penetrating bullets. Use as larger calibers of rifles as you can handle and that you can shoot accurately and comfortably. Using solid copper bullets for buffalo hunting is highly recommended because they are deep penetrating bullets and there are many environmental benefits as well by using these bullets. This can also help to reduce LED poisoning of the game animal and the population within.


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