Hunting mountain sheep with long range rifle

img_203112003662017Hunting mountain sheep with long range rifle is just the tip of the ice when it comes to things that need to be put into serious consideration: safety measures are the number one priority on the list. So I will like to share some experiences that I have had during hunting mountain sheep with long range rifle. Some hunters hunt with a bow. In our modern world, we have a different or a good number of shooting weapons in the market depending on what you are going to hunt and the weapon you think that can bring every of your hunting dream into reality and make it a great success.

However, in hunting mountain sheep, you will need high-quality mountain boots and socks. It makes the number one on the list because if your feet are screwed, I am sorry, you will not be able to go a long distance. Remember that this is entirely different from level land hunting. Make sure the boots are not being denominated because, by the time you walk a reasonable distance, there is a possibility that your boots will get designated. I usually use double and long socks.  Short socks always pull down after a long walk. In my opinion in hunting mountain sheep with long range rifle, purchasing the best quality footwear is essential.

Considering backpack should not be off the list.  You will need a bag that can hold your basic stuff. When choosing backpack, you should purchase the one that will align well and be able to carry your things without harming your back or that might break your back. You need a backpack that can adjust and hold its position properly and cannot strip things on to it. So if you have a bad pack, you will not be able to carry your animal off the mountain, and that might be very unfortunate. As long as you hunt with someone – your buddy and you do not have a horse with you, you will have to carry your stuff yourself. You will need to have a backpack with about six or seven thousand cubic inches. You will need a tent for camping in the mountains. I like the one man tent than three or four man tent because sometimes it will be difficult to find a position where such large tents will fit in. It is also important that everybody has at least three liters of water capacity so when you climb a hill/mountain that you have never been before, you do not have to get to the top then drop your backpack to get some water. I always climb with two to three liters. I know it is heavier, but being dehydrated will make you not to function well. This will get you spend a lot of time looking for water and potentially spook animals because when you are tired and tasty, you are not going to be sitting around glassing for animals but for water.

sheep-bighorn-justin-armstrong-2003-muzz-record-idThus, anytime you are hunting mountain sheep with long range rifle, you will need binoculars or a spotting scope. Do not say or assume that you have glassed a particular area and why glass it again. Remember that these are animals and they actually move around. Within seconds you glassed an area, the mountain sheep may appear there. Keep watch on areas where there lots of broken rocks. Do not underestimate anything you are not sure of when glassing. At a reasonable distance, these mountain sheep can look like rocks. That is where hunting mountain sheep with long range rifle and the best spotting scope for target shooting come to play a significant role in helping you to achieve a successful hunt. The best time to spot a sheep is in the last couple of hours.  The first couple of hours, the mountain sheep will get up and move during the day. Typically, they like to bed in the shell, they like to sleep in bolder fields which make it very hard for them to be spotted. Of course, if you get a sheep with white belly under the valley of green grass, when they are lying, they look like rocks, and they are not so easy to see.

It is crucial to have a real weapon and find out the best way to pack it in your backpack. I do strip my gun to the side of my pack, and I have different kinds of bags. The most important thing is choosing the bag that suits you best. I mostly use a bag that has lesser pockets, and it is effortless for me to adjust. My buddy has a backpack that has a lot of pockets because he carries along with him, cameras, batteries, laptops and many other accessories that support video and audio systems. When talking about the type of rifle I use. What I will say is the best long range rifle and a high-quality rifle scope manufactured by Leatherwood. It shoots seven-millimeter MAGS, and I have shot several sheep with this particular gun. Having a high-quality rifle scope in this situation is good. Sometimes getting closer to the mountain sheep is not that easy and I take my shots from very long distances like three hundred and fifty yards and more. The less I have ever shot a mountain sheep was at two hundred and ten yards. Although I like aiming closely, the closer I get, the more I risk losing my target. And this is one of the good reasons hunting mountain sheep with long range rifle is the great key to the hunt. You know it is essential to have a full shot hit. You want a scope that you are very comfortable with. I also have a Swarovski binoculars with a rangefinder. I like the rangefinder because it helps me to be able to estimate the specific range of the mountain sheep I am shooting at. I always have a handkerchief with me to wipe off the surface of the riflescope because sometimes, it rains and or gets dusty and I will need a clear sight to be able to take a good target shot.

It does not matter who you are or how prepared you are before going on hunting mountain sheep with long range rifle. Do not expect that everything will always go well all the time. The shooting may be challenging, or the weather at its extreme conditions or you were not able to get your eyes on any sheep. Be prepared and always stay active because that is the only key to motivation in such lonely places during a hunt.

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