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img_210412003692017I do not need to use big grammar, and you do not have to be a professor to understand what a rifle scope is. Thus, there are different types of rifle scopes designed for the specific purpose which may include, hunting rifle scope.

However, if rifle scope is to be categorized according to its BDC reticle, then they are generally classified into two types: variable rifle scopes and their counterparts the fixed rifle scopes.

Generally, rifle scopes may be required for the following purposes:

  • long range shooting
  • short range shooting
  • big game hunting
  • small game hunting
  • varmint hunting
  • precision shooting or shot placement
  • in sports
  • tactical shooting
  • practice shooting and so on

The purpose of this article is to lay more emphasis on the best long range scope for hunting, other hunting scopes, and the things that need to be considered when purchasing such scopes for yourself. You should be able to know how the following work in a high-quality hunting rifle scope.

rsz_1scope_mounting_heightTubes: most rifle scopes produced in this era are mainly engineered using an airplane aluminum grade. This means that they are nothing to be compared to the ones that were made in the past decades which are primarily constructed from steel tubes.

Tube size can vary depending on the purpose of the objective of the rifle scope. Between 30-40% of rifle scopes in the market, today are designed for multitasking which the hunting rifle scope is not left out.

Most tubes of hunting rifle scope size between 32mm and 50mm. Thus, it is not advisable for a hunting rifle scope to have a tube not above 50mm in size as this may be very expensive to purchase, heavy to be carried along and very difficult to be mounted on the fitting rays.

Tubes mainly come in two diameters: 30mm which is mostly used in Europe and the 1 diameter primarily used in the United States of America. There are claims that tubes with 30mm size let in more light. You have the right to doubt that. But the only thing I can tell beyond doubt is that the 30mm tube is structurally stronger.

Adjustments: one thing that you have to know about hunting rifle scope and many others out there is that most rifle scopes come with windage and elevation adjustments. Most scopes made for long range shooting do have a parallax adjustment. When trying to get the best hunting rifle scope, try to understand that it is in this area that quality scopes show their perfection. Both of these adjustments are controlled by a dialing knobs located on the side of the rifle scope (for windage “side to side”), and at the top of the rifle scope (for elevation “up and down”). Note that most big game scopes that are specially used in long range to mid-range are focused at the factory between 150 yards to 175 yards. But smaller game or below mid-range are manually focused for a precise distance.

Eye relief: when talking about the distance between the shooter’s eyes from the rifle scope, then that is when the eye relief come to play. It is said to be the distance between your eye and the ocular lens. If this distance is not properly maintained, then you might get a “bang” at the eye from the aluminum tube when you take a shot.

Reticles: well, this was first produced or developed by the American optic giant, “Leupold in 1960s”. Since then it became the standard duplex crosshair which helps you to pull your eye at the center of the reticles and allow for fast and precise targeting.

There is duplex style reticle designed for tactical scopes, big game scopes, dangerous game scopes and varmint hunting. Due to innovation in the optic world and high technological advancement, many optic companies are beginning to add LED lights to their reticles.

Magnification: nowadays, the variable power rifle scopes are being plucked off the gun shelf for that fact that many long range shooters and hunters view it as supreme because it is able to offer a degree of flexibility that is exceedingly useful when it comes to determining target at a reasonable distance.img_213012003702017

Today in the optic market, you will find a fair amount of rifle scope with the difference in their magnifications. Here are some of them:

If you are engaging in dangerous game or big game at the ranges between 50 yards and 200 yards, you will need a scope with the magnification of 1X – 4X

If you need a rifle scope for varmint hunting, then you will need a scope with the magnification of 6X – 24X

For general big game hunting, you might look into rifle scopes with magnifications between 2X -10X or 3X-9X

Lenses: every part or component of the rifle scope is crucial, but when it comes to talking about the lens. It might be the most essential part of a rifle scope. You can imagine that a typical rifle scope contains nothing less than 8 glasses. Yeah, you heard me right, 8 glasses. The qualities of how these lenses are grounded are one of the major things you are paying for when buying a rifle scope.

Perhaps, two scope companies have made a great impression, innovation and technological advancement that drove them to introduce into the optic market some rifle scopes that can disperse water. The two scope Giants are Swarovski and Bushnell. This is a significant advancement that almost every big game and dangerous game hunter will need to have. There are also great hunting rifle scopes with waterproof, fogproof and shockproof capabilities.

Warranty: it is essential and advisable that before throwing your hard earned cash to purchase any rifle scope, it is important to know the warranty that is offered by the manufacturer. Vortex optics gives lifetime VIP warranty in most of their optics when purchasing. Bushnell offers lifetime warranty and sometimes 10 years. So as Swarovski and many others.

Cost: well, the cost of your rifle scope depends on the quality. Perhaps, the prize you pay for a particular rifle scope will determine what that rifle scope will give to you in return. The same applies to almost everything we buy. Good pay, better quality.

You should first survey the optic market. Read a lot of reviews. Watch videos. Know what type of rifle scope that you are going to need and what kind of hunting you need them for. From this point, you will begin to see options that will fall within your budget range.


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