Hunting the brown bears

img_210912003742017This brown beast with the botanical name “Ursus arctos” is known to be the biggest carnivore on the planet. Hunting the brown bears is a game many hunters enjoy in as much many do not because these big brown monsters are a lot dangerous to any other breathing animal within their vicinity except for its kind.

However, hunting the brown bears only happen in several countries which may include:

  • Canada
  • Armenia
  • Romania
  • Turkey
  • Russia and
  • The United States of America (Alaska).

This means that these big brown monster bears are only found in the American continent and Euro-Asia. And this can be the reason anyone can say they are instinct for their kind. With the Kamchatka brown bears being the largest in the world. Brown bear hunters from all over the globe visit Russia for such big game hunting.

img_213512003772017The areas the big brown bear is mostly hunted do not usually have very comfortable weather conditions. It is either freezing – during the winter. Or it is very windy and cold just as in Alaska during the late Octobers or most time. Before embarking on brown bear hunting, you and your team must be prepared. However, I will like to share the experience that my colleagues and I got while hunting in the late October in Alaska.

To me, it was a trip of a lifetime. We were dropped off by a little airplane in the middle of nowhere. All that we can see was just an endless acres of land from all sides. But one thing that made me not to be as scared as hell was that- I could remember that we were in Alaska. So I am home, and no matter what happened, it will be easy to reach out to my loved ones. Although, before we embarked on this hunt, we had an SOS that is connected to the satellite which will help the rescue team to quickly locate us if something ever goes wrong. But I have decided to remain positive throughout the hunt.

Now we are going to look for a place for hiking and every morning, we will have to climb up to the highlands and try glassing for the brown bears. It was after lunch, and the weather was very windy, so we had to make our tents and be prepared for the next day morning to kick off the purpose we arrived here. We are meant to camp here for about twenty days or more. So we carried enough food stuff that will serve us until the end of the hunt.

I have had the opportunity to hunt the whole of America and North America, but one thing that people kept asking me is if I have ever killed the brown bear. But my answers have always remained – no! And now, I am here and all I can think of, it’s killing the brown bears.

Right now we are hunting in the Alaska Peninsula. It is a vast area, and it is one of the significant extensions of brown bear and one among the most important on the planet.  We had about three tents placed on the Highland and what we do is, every morning we wake up, take our spotting optics, mount a position and start watching all around the valleys.  We are using one of the best spotting scopes in the market with excellent quality. In this type of big and dangerous game hunting, all you need is to make sure your hunting gear is of the best quality. So every day we continued to watch the whole valley hoping that soon enough we will be able to make a spot and that is where our hunting the brown bears will start. And this is beginning to get very exciting to me as this gives me the opportunity to be in an area where there is no one, and I am able to look to any direction that I desire.

The weather was so bad in the first few days, I do not know if I have said that before. The weather in Alaska is always friendly and talking about Alaska Peninsula, the weather is worst. But nothing can stop us from this great hunt. We are prepared. But we spent about ten to fourteen days in this hectic peninsula.  Although we took some three to four days off watching the weather and we also used it to enjoy the environment.

Now it is the time, we got up for the hunt. The weather was better today, and the incredible wind was blowing. The advantage of the wind is that with it blowing in one direction, it will be difficult for the brown bear to easily sense that we are close to him and even when we fire a shot, the path will be difficult for the brown bear to understand. Just know that the hardest thing in hunting in Alaska is the weather. It can be highly discouraging to people with little hunting experience. And even to the veteran hunters also. In this situation, anything you could do to make your hunt easier is the right thing. If you find yourself sitting on top of a place with rocks, pile them up, make a wall, a wind break.

Hunting brown bears is like any other hunting. There are hours of boredom, and there are moments of excitements. You can also be your worst enemy if you do not stay positive. It’s just a matter of time before you cross pass the long glassing and long hours of boredom.

With all that running and hard work, we finally saw a large brown bear about five hundred miles, and we started tracking it down. What we were doing is to get to a range where our bullet will be highly effective. This type of monster is hunted with thirty-three caliber bullet that can make a significant impact on them. Then we got the distance that we were able to take the shot. The first shot my colleague fired got the brown bear on the right shoulder, and it took off. We followed and then my colleague was able to place the second shot that dropped the big brown bear.

Thus, after we finally spent about fifteen days on the Alaska Peninsula hunting the brown bears, we were able to take one home with us which made our hunt a great success. But if you went out there and did not get a catch, do not lose hope, sooner or later you will have one.

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