Hunting whitetail with a bow

img_213012003802017Some hobbies and pass-times were extended from our ancestors to us or our time that we still practice with passion. One of them is being an Archer. Although bow and arrow might have had a new or different dimension from the ones back in the good old days. The skills needed to be an Archer still remains the same and unbroken. Hunting whitetail with a bow has become very popular in the present time, not considering that hunters have uncountable weapons for hunting the whitetails buck. Thus a lot of hunters including myself, adore hunting whitetail with a bow and arrow and you may want to know the reason for that.

However, with the help of modern technology, bows have been manufactured to have a very light weight and arrows produced to penetrate deeper than it was in the past decades. Tree stands and blinds have numerously contributed to the efficient use of bow and arrow if to compare with how it was utilized in the past decades. But it does not end there – the ability to be effective when using a bow in hunting, learning the kind of wildlife you are hunting “Whitetail” and its character, and having the capacity to outsmart your prey is the skill that might take quite a long time to develop.

Hunting whitetail with a bow requires that you should be very close to the target and at the same time trying as much as possible to avoid the whitetail from sensing the danger of it being hunted. The whitetail can readily perceive your scent, and that might call an end to your hunting because bow hunting requires you to be as close as possible to your target. With such a complicated tactics, successful bow and arrow hunting takes more planning than just being masked in camouflage or climbing into a tree stand with full quiver arrows and a bow.

Hunting with a bow in most States last longer than hunting with a rifle. Bowhunting seasons might extend from September to the middle of November with weeks being added from the early Decembers.

It is also very crucial before starting to hunt whitetails with a bow, you should be the master of your bow and be able to manipulate it if it ever fails you in the middle of the hunt. I use Excalibur Matrix Grizzly Recurve Crossbow with one of the best hunting scopes that I could lay my hand on and with the best scope mounts that fit well with my bow.  Before buying it, I have been using the longbow. Although, there might be different kinds of bows that include:

  1. img_212012003812017Compound bows: this type has series of pulleys and cables which aid shooter with less amount of force needed to pull the string back. It is becoming the most popular bow in the present time.
  2. Longbow: this type of bow has the basics of most bow designs. It is usually straight until it gets strung and then it curves.
  3. Recurve bow: this one is not used with the support of any mechanical device, and it is more powerful than the straight one.

Most arrows that are used in whitetail hunting are made from aluminum, carbon, wood, fiberglass, and carbon/aluminum combination. With the arrow’s head or point which comes in different sizes and forms, and which is a choice that needs to be made by the user or the hunter’s motive of purchasing it. There are a variety of points that are recommended for small game hunting and target practice. This may include:

  • Judo
  • Bullet
  • Blunt

However, let say that have taken proper bowhunting education before engaging in hunting whitetails with a bow or any other animal. You must be familiar with how your body position can affect your bow hunting if not properly positioned. You should also learn how to place the arrow into the bow and pulling the arrow into its adequate position. You must learn how to steady the arrow against your body, and how to release the arrow while keeping your body in position. However, another essential thing in hunting whitetail with a bow is being able to judge the distance between you and your target. In this case, I use a rangefinder manufactured by Nikon, and it comes in the very affordable prize. It is water resistant, or I may say it is rainproof. The only thing is that it uses batteries which most rangefinders do. You might need to always keep watch on be ready to change it whenever it runs down.

There are three common ways or methods of hunting whitetail with a bow.

  1. Glassing method: this is the process of glassing your target with a hunting scope, spotting scope or binoculars before advancing to the target and stalking it. This is the method that I personally use.
  2. Still method: this can be a bit tougher than the first method. In this case, the hunter will have to move around very slowly before halting for a period while at the same time waiting for the whitetail to show up.
  3. Stalking: this one can also be said to be easier. The hunter locates the whitetail, then finds a position best for him or her to take the shot.

I usually hunt from the tree stand. This is best for me because it gives me more time to be able to have a better view of my target and it helps me to buy more time before taking the shot on my target. Bow hunting can be more challenging than the ordinary rifle.

In the last sixty years, bow hunting has become a hobby and past time that many do enjoy around the globe. And this is one among the primary reasons a lot of hunters are beginning to develop an interest in hunting whitetails with a bow.


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