Moose hunting tips and techniques

img_214212003922017When I am moose hunting, what I like to do is to go into an area and kind of slowly approach it. I will sit down, and just stay still for some minutes, and have a good listening and see if I can hear any moose grunting. If not, what I will do is to place both of my palms around my mouth in a closed pattern, then I try to generate some moose-friendly sounds. This will help me to find out if there is any moose around or if I am going to get any answers within my vicinity and close by. Or I will find a beautiful area that there is good visibility but with some cover that when the moose are going to come in, there will be enough place for me to conceal before taking my shot. Moose hunting tips and techniques play a significant role if a hunter familiarizes or equips himself or herself with the necessary information.

I like to give twenty minutes or half an hour in one location if I am not getting any answers from the previous calls I have made or the one that I am making at the moment. Then I may move on to another location that has got some moose in it. Sometimes I like to stay in one place for about an hour or two without many calls and then I will see moose coming in from all sides. Hunting down your prey anytime you go hunting is what every hunter always want. But if it happens to be that it did not work out the way it is supposed to be, you do not get discouraged.

moose1Thus, starting off with a communication calls is very important. In my experience, moose make different kinds of calls. But generally, moose make soft calls. They have a sort of a communication call that sounds more like a coyote or fox calls. When these calls are made, the moose try to see if there are others within their areas. Sometimes, they quite hesitate to come into the calls. So to get them to come in, you will need a little bull grunt. This is just making an R-sound. For example R-R-R-R-R-R-HH. But on low tone and with little deep voice. When they respond to the calls, you will see them start coming with their large horn moving from left to right. Sometimes they get to fifty yards and sometimes they even get close. One thing about moose that makes it quite different from other animals is that moose do not scant away on the glance to man. It is a significant advantage that I utilize whenever the opportunity comes. Moose can sight a hunter from about twenty yards and stand still looking at the hunter. Except for moose that have been attacked by a Hunter and it manages to get away.

We are heading to the Canadian North West Territories known as Mackenzie Mountains. South Nahanni Outfitters. This is one of the most remote parts of the world, and still a pristine wilderness area.  It has no roads and no settlements. It has just wild animals, and a few hunters do what they have been doing for decades under the northern lights.

Thus, our mission is to hunt moose, and it is in the middle of September. The leaves are beautifully colored. The moose hunt has started and the nights are fast. This is the perfect setup for my moose hunting adventure. I have with me my Remington 700 VTR with a long range scope that I purchased after spending much time digging into Barska scope reviews.

The helicopter from the base camp dropped us off in the beautifully colored Valley and will hopefully be returning in few days to pick us up. Before embarking on the hunt, our hunting guide equipped us with the local knowledge and bush crafts that will support us for the upcoming days. In which, our ability to call the moose will be crucial in this harsh terrene. Now that we have made the first calls, it is time to glass the whole area with our supporting spotting scope manufactured by Celestron. After we have spotted the moose in the far distance. We decide to get closer to it. On our way, we encountered a giant grizzly bear, and we could not move on until the bear has gotten off our way. The bear is a majestic animal and a number one predator in Canada. After some minutes, we arrived at the area we saw the moose, and we could not find it again. Well, sometimes stuff like that happens. We suspected that maybe it was the grizzly bear that chased away the moose which has some atom of truth in it. We did not give up, we continued glassing. Then the weather began to change. Before we could know it, the wind started heavily, and we decide to get back to our tent. After the wind is over, we went back to the area, and we spotted the moose at the same position that we last saw it. It was about three hundred yards, and we decide to call it. It was a tremendous thing to see such a beauty of nature responds to the call made by a man. It started to move in our direction after it has gotten to about one hundred and fifty yards, we decide to take a position, and when it approaches about seventy yards, then I took the shot, and it dropped at the spot.  We cleaned it up and bagged it for the helicopter to come and pick it up while we continued our adventure for the next couple of days.

My colleague and I have been using this same moose hunting tips and techniques for decades, and it has really been working for us. This is an adventure of a lifetime. It is worth trying at least once in a lifetime.

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