Muzzleloader Elk hunting

img_211412003932017Muzzleloader elk hunting can be a way for a hunter to truly test whether he or she is capable of withstanding the mental and physical torture within the sphere of primitive environmental challenges. Nevertheless, if successful, the prize for harvesting such a grandiose game animal and having to eat its delicious meat makes it worthwhile. This kind of big game hunting can, however, become a way of equilibrating the state of mind of the hunter and knowing if he or she is mentally and physically ready or healthy enough to take part in muzzleloader elk hunting.

Elk hunting is not the kind of hunt that takes place within the normal human habitat. Every hunter who wishes to embark on such a hunt should be ready to travel a long distance – might be in a different state or country. It is imperative for the hunter to first get acquainted with the wildlife and reserve laws guiding the particular area he or she will be hunting. Hunting regulations in the States are usually updated yearly. In whichever state or country the hunter wishes to hunt, he or she should always remember that each state or country will need a hunter to get the license before starting to hunt. It is also necessary for the hunter to put into account – purchasing any permits or tags that he or she may need to have a successful muzzleloader elk hunting.

Meanwhile, hunting elk with a muzzleloader is a choice that a hunter makes for himself or herself. But it does not end there. To hunt with a muzzleloader rifle or gun, the hunter should consider purchasing the best muzzleloader scope suitable for elk and long distance shooting. This is critical for every muzzleloader elk hunter. Spotting scopes or binoculars should not be out of the list. These scopes help the hunter to be able to carry out proper glassing during his or her muzzleloader elk hunting.

img_213112003942017Before every hunting season begins, veteran hunters usually scout the areas that they wish to hunt for the season. This may be known as scouting. It is crucial for a hunter to take some time to get used to the land that he or she will be hunting. The hunter should endeavor to grasp through the topographical map. He or she should try as much as possible to be able to locate elk hot spots. Example, elk water holes, and grassy areas. The hunter should be able to identify the areas where Elks source their foods and also the Elks bedding areas. Elks usually move to uphill during the morning hours, and they often feed at night below the tree lines. It is entirely possible that hunters get lost in the woods during elk hunting. This is because many hunters have come to ignore the fact that having a map or GPS system or even compass might be a very crucial to maintain navigation within the woods.

Before beginning muzzleloader elk hunting, there are many things to know, learn and get used to for a successful hunt. It is important to know that during elk hunting, hunters are meant to call in their Elks. There are four types of elk calls of which three belong to the cows, and just one belongs to the bull. The bull call is known as Bugle. The male elk is one powerful and aggressive animal if it ever detects that some other male elks have entered its territory; the bulls aggression can be very primitive or harsh. So when a hunter is doing a male elk call, the hunter should be very alert as the elk might appear from any direction and at any moment after it heard the calls. This bugle call is mostly used during post-rut in challenging the male elk.  The other three cow calls may include:

  • The Excited call: this one works best when you are near to the herd or elk habitat. It is usually used to lure the male elk into the hands of the hunter.
  • The Standard call: with this type of cow calling, the male elk thinks it’s time to mate with the stray female elk.
  • The Mews and Soft Chirps call: this kind of call is used anytime to attract the male elk. The power of the cow is very influential on the bull.

These are elk calling techniques that every elk hunter should know whether he or she is a professional muzzleloader elk hunter or a beginner.

Elk is mostly hunted in mountainous areas with unpredictable weather that can change within seconds or minutes.  For an elk hunter to have a successful elk hunting and still maintains the same good mood and health, he or she will need to have the following items.

  1. tobybridges51707Rain clothes: this protects the hunter from being smashed out from the woods by heavy rain falls.
  2. Mountain boots or durable boots: having the wrong footwear during the elk hunting can ruin the hunt. When hunting an elk, a hunter will need to wear a durable boot. It should be waterproof and can withstand the terrain. It is important to purchase boots that can render generous support and stability.
  3. Outer shell: on this one, making a choice for the kind of jacket to some people, might be a big problem. Secondly, finding the type of clothing or jacket that is waterproof; capable of defending the hunter from adverse weather conditions such as snow, rain, and wind.
  4. Middle shell: here the hunter has to consider clothing that is breathable and packable. This type of clothing should be able to let out moistures when necessary.
  5. Base shell: on this one, it is essential for a hunter to get the kind of jacket that is capable of drying faster when the hunter gets wet either by sweating or drizzling. This also will help the hunter to reduce the body scent that is being circulated within the woods to be able to hide his or her presence from the elk.

Thus, before a hunter embarks on muzzleloader elk hunting, he or she should know that elk is a large animal and will need a proper bagging because it is not easy to just drag such an animal from the wood. Do not waste the meat. Serious consequences may apply.

Muzzleloader elk hunters are to make sure that they are very familiar with the muzzleloader rifle and scope they are using as this will contribute immensely to the success of their hunt or the ruin as well. Before muzzleloader elk hunting, practice on time, get used to ranges and how to maneuver if things happen to go wrong in the middle of the elk shooting.

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