Quick disconnect rings and mounts for Picatinny rail

img_214812003992017In 2014, my friend wanted to make shooting more enjoyable to me. So he asked me to follow him to the range the next weekend. Well, for the fact that I will not be doing anything that weekend, I decided to go with him because we recently had some arguments about the best quick disconnect scope mount. So there were these two groups of shooters. One group with about three peoples. What they were doing amazed me when they joy drew my attention. Then I decided to peep through what is it that is giving these groups of trigger freaks such amount of pleasure. After some minutes of keeping watch on what they were shooting or doing. I found out that after one person from each group has taken five shots, he will disconnect his rifle scope from the Remington 700, and the next person will place his rifle scope with the quick disconnect rings and mount and begins to shoot immediately without any adjustments. But still, he hits the target. I became I amazed on how that could be possible. Then I discovered that I argued about that with my buddy not long ago that it is impossible for any such auto-zeroing.

At the moment I realized they were using the Warne Scope quick disconnect mounts and rings at the range shooting with a Remington 700 with a Minox 15X power scope removing and re-installing the rifle scope with no loss of zero. Then I went to my buddy and told him that now I found the reason he had the gut to bet with me with a hundred percent assurance. He said to me that he had already seen it before betting and that was one of the reasons he decided to invite me to the range to see for myself. Well, if I should tell the truth, he is more of a badass shooter than I am. So I gave him all the credits at the moment. But after the moment I knew that it was possible to get some quick disconnect scope rings and mount that could always be outstanding and with no loss of zero even when you disconnect the scope and put it in your bag and travel some reasonable distances. I decided to do some research and find out more about if such scope quick disconnect rings and mounts are made by other manufacturers.

Just as I have asked some questions like

  1. Can you depend on quick release rings to accurately bring you back to zero if you have to take your scope off and put it back on?
  2. Can you use two piece rings or do you use a solid one piece base?

img_210112004002017Let’s start by looking at Leapers UTG law enforcement lock 30mm rings. This is a pack that contains two of the rings, and they cost about twenty-one dollars (US). They come in a variety of heights. There are extra-high about 25mm – this is the height between the base where it sits on the rifle and the base of where the rifle scope sits on the ring.  But at the moment I am using the one with about 22mm of height. There are also the mediums heights quick disconnect rings and mounts (15mm), and there is also low height ones (10mm). Nevertheless, whichever that goes for you will be great. They also come in one inch in a diameter of size, and they are all aluminum. But the question here is how do they work when you remove the rifle scope from the rifle and put it back on? Do you actually get the same point of impact between strings?

Here are the test parameters: I am going to try these rings with the Rockwood arms with fifteen cabins, with sixteen-inch full profile barrel especially under the hand guard. It has a two twenty-three large chamber. At the front, I have a wide chimp titanium silencer. On the top, I have a Falcon 4-14x44mm with the first focal plane rifle scope. So we are going to shooting at the standard crosshairs of the target at two hundred yards, and I will see how it does.

After firing the first five shots, I disconnected the scope from the rifle, then I shook it as much as I could and then mounted it back to the rifle for the second set of five shots. Now after I mounted the scope back to the gun. It had some little loops of about quarter an inch millimeter, and all I did was just push it forward a bit, and it filled the gap and stood still, and the same thing repeated all along and as long as I disconnect the quick rings and mounts from the rifle. So be aware it will happen to you whenever you disconnect your quick disconnect rings. Then after that, I had to pull down the clips to enable firmness, and I continued.

Group one turned out to be lesser than one meter away – about a three-quarters meter away, and they are fewer than two inches between the hole centers. And group two is about one and a half meter away – but first shot I got a high flyer, and the other four shots weren’t so bad at all.

So looking at this analysis, you will understand that the answers to those questions are all positive. And at least in my personal testing, it worked out to be real. So you can give it a shot. If you want to buy one, try the best quick disconnect scope and mounts from reliable manufacturers, and you will not regret you did. For those people who this it isn’t possible to zero whenever you disconnect the quick mount and rings, I hope that after reading this article, you should try it.

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