Safe hunting with a dog

img_223912004042017This article is established to reveal how safe hunting with a dog can be, and other things that hunting with a dog can positively or negatively contribute to hunters. First, the hunter has to consider the safety of the dog. The rules thumb of the dog. The dog can sometimes break points and chase the target away. The hunter has to be very sure that the dog is not too close to the target when he or she is placing his or her shot because trained dogs are very expensive and are very hard to come by. Dogs for hunting should have an orange vest.  The jacket helps a lot if the dog’s color is dark and the area the hunter is hunting is dark, with the support of the jacket, the hunter can easily spot the dog in a long distance.

If the hunter is shooting a shotgun, then he or she must know where the dog is located. It is generally said not to shoot any moving objects except you are sure because there are other hunters out there hunting. Some hunters ignore signs when hunting. Some trespass on public or private properties and shoots at anything moving and later, goes to take a close look of what they have shot. For this reason, hunters are warned to always put on the orange cap most times during a hunt. There are some other basic necessary things that the hunter should consider having.

  • beast-happy1A rifle suitable for the type of hunt the hunter will embark on
  • A high-quality rifle scope – in the case of a close range, birds and rabbit shooting- most people use a 4X fixed power scope. The hunter is expected to learn and master how to sight in a rifle scope.
  • Orange color blazer hat that will help to keep the hunter’s safe from other hunters in the same vicinity, so that they are able to spot a human being and not a bear.
  • Orange color vest on the dog also as I have said earlier. This will help the hunter to be more careful not to shoot his or her dog and other hunters not to shoot the dog in the case where the dog is dark in color, or they might think it’s a coyote.
  • Eyeglasses will protect the hunter’s eyes from bullet shares and other dangerous things during hunting. The Hunter always looks to the sky when in water duck hunting or bird hunting. But that can be optional.
  • Ear plugs can be useful also. They help to reduce the noise from the shotgun.

The items mentioned in this article are a must for every hunter especially those hunters that hunt with dogs. And also the hunters that hunt birds, squirrels, rabbits and many other small game animals.

However, hunting seasons can be a dangerous time for pets. This is a time that accidents are waiting to happen. This is a time where a hunter can easily make mistakes. It is up to a hunter to protect his or her dog from the dangers that hunting seasons bring along with them. Do not lower yourself into a false center security because you and your house dog have nothing to do with hunting.

Some people take their dogs outside to a party business. Some walk their dogs along the beautiful and quiet roads where traffic is low. Some people like to hike with their dogs. Some also enjoy a quiet walk in the woods. Thus, if you hunt with your dogs: are you prepared for accidents and injuries that can occur in the fields? If you look through the whole things that contribute to your dog safety and have not answered yes to any of the questions of how you can take safety precautions for you and your dog. Then you should not embark on hunting with your dog. There are several things that hunters can do to protect their dogs. Safety measures depend on whether your dog is or not going hunting with you. The serious hunter will begin with the different hunting seasons in his or her area. The hunter needs to be able to differentiate between the various dangers during the hunting seasons.

img_224112004062017Note that the threat can change. Let’s say hunting a deer with a bow and arrow is quite different from hunting a deer with a high-power rifle. Or even hunting small game with the shotgun. One of the first rules for safety during hunting is to not assume that everyone follows the rules. Please know that there are a lot of irresponsible hunters out there and they can easily shoot you or your dog. And most of these rules are not referred to such a hunter. Fortunately, there is always some few good that comes with the bad. And always a few bad that comes with the good. Another good and inexpensive safety measure to ensure that your dog will be okay during hunting if anything should occur – buy a pet first aid and carry it whenever you are hunting with your dog. Who knows, should need to arise. Hunters should always check the health and performances of their dogs. This will help the hunter to be able to find out when things are not right for the dog. Hunters should visit their dog’s doctors after every three or four hunts.

Safe hunting with a dog is fun and makes hunting more exciting as the dog will always be a good partner to the hunter.  In some cases where the dog approaches the targets first –bird hunting: just not to shoot at the dog, use the dog’s command. Make a wow for a halt, and then the dog will stop, then take your shot on the target. Always make sure that your rifle is in safe mood.

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