Tactics for Predator Hunting

img_225512004172017Hearing the word “predator” was as scary as hell to many people back in the early nineteenth century. But today, we are in the twenty-first century and a lot of things that were as scary as hell during the past centuries and decades became things that some people may say they enjoy for past time or hobby. However, predator hunting has become common in our time, and an occupation or hobby that many people enjoy. There are tactics for predator hunting that I believe that anyone hoping to start predator hunting should be aware of.

The word “predator” simply means animals that can prey on other animals. You may say fox or coyote feed on chickens and turkey. And they might not be super predators. Sorry to disappoint you, they are both predators and are worth hunting upon as they have both caused massive damages to man and wildlife reserves. I will say, such predators, are a pain in the ass and are worth cleaning up or massively reducing. For that reason, governments around the world, have decided to give hunters the opportunity to hunt on such predators. So, without wasting much of your time lecturing you, I will like to dive into the tactics for predator hunting.

img_224412004182017My buddy and I always started preparing for the next hunting season as soon as the one we are into closes. No room for play. This time we had prepared for hunting on coyotes in the Texas region. We have gone up the vast area of ample sunlight and dressed in high-quality camouflage. I was using Remington 700 SPS Tactical AAC-SD, 300 Win with the best 22lr scope for target shooting. My friend was the one covering the hunting with the video camera.  So we laid there for a while. But before we took off to that point where we were hunting coyotes, we had already gone there a couple of times to master the exact area. Where the coyotes are bedding and how they move, and the right places we can possibly be able to call them out. We already calculated these parameters some weeks before the hunting season began.

So we had arrived in the morning, took our positions and started calling them. We did call for five minutes in every twenty minutes. We used FOXPRO inferno electronic callerFOXPRO inferno electronic caller which has about fifty electronic calls and with easy to use LED remote control. We positioned it, and so as I said earlier, we call five minutes in every twenty minutes. After the first twenty minutes, then they began coming out one after the other. At first, we saw two coyotes coming from the opposite direction about two hundred yards and some seconds later, the third one followed. But we were patient enough to let them get about thirty yards. But before then, they made it up to about one hundred yards, and they stood there for almost five minutes. I wanted to take the shot so that they will not head back from where they came from. But then I decided to be patient. Patience had taught me great lessons. So I risked, and it worked. After some minutes, they continued heading towards the right direction, and they got close enough for me to be able to use my rifle with the best 22lr scope for target shooting by Bushnell optics to pluck the heart from the first coyote. Then the others took off, and I was observing them, after about thirty seconds they were running, I discovered that one of them was about to halt and I made my focus on it and took the second shot on its brain. It was a nice shot. Then the third coyote was able to make his way back to the woods. It was two coyotes on the go. A great hunt.

Thus, one essential thing to know about the tactics for predator hunting is calling. Almost all predators being hunted, are called out, and it started back from the good old days which has extended to our generation. Decide which of the predators you are more interested in hunting. Get the necessary hunting rifle, riflescope, knife where needed, camouflage, spotting scope, water bottle for those who hunt in scorching weather just as we do in Texas with my buddy. Get everything that will make your predator hunting successful. Learn the essential tactics for predator hunting. Do not forget, the hunter might as well become the hunted. Go to hunting schools. Learn hunting rules. Although there are no special hunting rules. But some rules which protect private properties from hunting in them. There is hunting ammo that might need government approval before they can be purchased and used. Do proper research before embarking on hunting the predators, and your success will always be guaranteed.

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