Thermal imaging scope for hunting

img_222212004212017Before going into the nitty-gritty of how a thermal imaging rifle scope for hunting is exceptional and ideal for night hunters or hunters who love hunting in low light conditions or even hunters in general. It will be great to ask: what is the actual definition of a thermal imaging rifle scope? What are the benefits of using a thermal imaging scope?

The thermal imaging rifle scope is a specially designed scope used in the process of hunting to find dangerous games, small games, varmints which cannot be readily seen with the naked human eyes either in long range or short range shooting. Thermal imaging rifle scope functions perfectly by using the infrared radiation emitted by these animals to detect their positions making it easier for the hunter to take an appropriate place that will enable him to fulfill a perfect hunt on the animal. Thus, almost everything on earth radiates infrared. So this makes is easier for hunters using this type of rifle scope for hunting to be able to differentiate easily between objects and animals and however, are able to navigate between them during hunting.

You will wonder how people are curious about the differences between the thermal imaging rifle scopes and the night vision rifle scopes. One major difference between them is that a thermal rifle scope detects the infrared light of any living thing and provides the image of it. While night vision rifle scopes help the hunter by amplifying the light needed to capture the targets he or she intended for. Thermal imaging rifle scopes excel where night vision rifle scopes cannot. For instance, a thermal imaging scope will function correctly in fog or dusty weather. But the night vision rifle scopes are useless in such climatic conditions. Note that best thermal imaging scopes can say to be categorized under the best rifle scopes for hunting. Because whether they are thermal or ordinary rifle scopes, they support hunters to capture their target with ease.

There are two types of thermal imaging rifle scopes which may include:stealth-wear-hoodie-tate-multi-md

  1. Clip-on Thermal rifle scopes: these are thermal scopes that are just mounted before a standard rifle scope on the same rifle which helps your regular rifle scope to transmit a thermal image as you look through both scopes at the same time.
  2. The stand-alone thermal scopes: they are like regular rifle scopes with an infrared capability. These type of rifle scopes need to be adjusted to the demands of the shooter upon the desired target to ensure accuracy. These kinds of rifle scopes do not allow rapid switching, thereby, you will need to re-adjust (re-zero) your standard rifle scope whenever you disconnect this type of thermal imaging rifle scope from your rifle. This kind of imaging rifle scope may include the Armasight Zeus 336 3-12×42 thermal imaging weapon sight.

Pros and cons of a thermal imaging rifle scopes:


  • You do not need any light to be functional when using this type of rifle scope for hunting. This means they are great in low light conditions
  • They are specially designed for dangerous situations which make them the rifle scope of choice when hunting dangerous games in low light
  • Law enforcement officers use thermal rifle scopes to detect threats. Thereby, allowing them to acquire a position where their targets cannot easily find them
  • Thermal imaging rifle scopes can also expose dark clothes and camouflages in a combat situation
  • After a hunter had taken a shot on dangerous game, this type of rifle scope helps the hunter to continue watching the game as it runs after been shot and where it rested due to bullet wounds without the hunter moving a foot to trace the game
  • Bush and grasses are thinly dispersed or scattered, so cannot block the infrared imaging when aiming at the target


  • They are more expensive than the ordinary or usual rifle scope
  • They are heavier than the regular rifle scopes
  • They are mostly restricted even in hunting. So before purchasing one, make sure you are not breaking the law as the penalty in most USA states are serious punishments


With all being said, you should by now be able to differentiate between the thermal imaging rifle scope from its other counterparts such as the night vision rifle scope and the regular rifle scope. Although, the thermal scope might not be affordable to every hunter. It is highly advisable to make proper inquiries before purchasing this type of a rifle scope because a severe penalty may be applied if the purchasing law is undermined.

Thus, the thermal imaging rifle scope is a dream changer for hunters who enjoy twilight and night hunting.

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