Tips on Cleaning Airgun barrel

img_220912004272017Before using an airgun or any rifle, you should read the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer as this will help understand the proper ways to keep your airgun sound and working. Although, it is understandable that airguns are meant to last longer and still render the services required of them soundly and perfect because they are types of mechanics that need not very many services.

It is noticeable and irritating on how some people do treat their airguns with anguish while the rifle still provides every service during a big game hunting or small game. Rifles or guns are mechanical objects which possess different parts that are meant to be oiled or maintained at least once in a while. It is said that any mechanical object such as this may require some maintenance. They are highly durable and functional when they undergo regular and proper maintenance at least once in a while. One good reason you are advised to read the instruction manual is that you should learn how or where to drop the oil on your rifle. Make sure to use the best gun oil from the list the manufacturer recommended as this can help to sustain your rifle and extend its life span. Thus, it is important you follow the instructions and recommended services written in the instruction manual by extremely knowledgeable people in the company that manufactured the gun.

However, the same rule applies to some supporting components like the rifle scopes; scope mounts and rings. It is highly advisable to acquaint yourself with the instruction know-how of a rifle scope, or you get it damaged at the unboxing process.

In case you do not know what a rifle scope is: Rifle scopes contribute immensely to shooters or can say; give an active imaging support to shooters who mostly engage in long range shooting, short range shooting, big game and small game hunting, varmint hunting, precision shooting and tactical shooting and in sports. With the help of a rifle scope, you can bring down a fly at thousands of yards. They assist to magnifying distant images, giving shooters the opportunity to be able to place their bullets at any point of their choice on the object or the image they are shooting at. However, if you wish to acquire more information about rifle scope, then feel free to look through best rifle scopes money can buy.

With all said about rifle scopes and how they can help rifle users, the next thing to ask now is: Is it necessary to clean your airgun barrel?

How you should clean your airgun barrel. For cleaning your air rifle, it is important to use what you think it is the best before you get something better than that. At the present time, I use the M-PRO 7 LPX Gun Oil. I am not going to make an advertisement, but I am using it because it is effective cleaning, lite lubing, rest protecting, unsure displacing, tender to my barrel, and it does not damage the O-rings. It also helps with a large accuracy after using it. And so far, this works fine for me. I prefer to use my own cleaning patches.

Basic tips for cleaning the airgun barrel:

  • Lubricate the seals: after firing a thousand round. Lubricating the seals is good. Breech seal at the back of the rifle, piston seal inside the compression chamber by adding single drop of lubricant
  • Clean the outside: if you can manage to clean the inside of your air rifle, then why can’t you do the same on the outside? Use a soft cloth that cannot generate any debris – most advisable, the one that is recommended for your rifle
  • Use best gun oil: some people react negatively to the odor of a gun oil, but there are gun oils without odors. Gun oil is used to clean the cylinder. Note the way in which you access your barrel cylinder can vary depending on the type of barrel you own. You can look through the best gun oils to see options available
  • Muzzle breaks: it is necessary to clean the muzzle break of your rifle if it happens to be that your rifle is with a muzzle break
  • Goo gone: drop some on a patch, run it through the barrel with the help of your weed eater string or rod or any available. You do not need a lot of chemicals as this can help you clean the inside of your rifle safely
  • Cleaning pellets: it is important to check the size of pellets when buying them. You should purchase the one that is the exact size of your barrel. It is pushed through using the cleaning rod. Another thing to note is making sure that the pellet you use is made from felt. Use it on your rifle after every one hundred shots.
  • Water: it is very wrong to use water to clean the inside on your barrel cylinder. Always use quick drying solvents such as alcohol. Do not apply excess alcohol and made sure there are less of it before the cloth is being used to the barrel
  • Cleaning kits: cleaning kits are the answer to dirty and un-serviced barrels. It is essential to pay attention when buying a cleaning kit. Quality cleaning kits always come with all necessary stuff you need to keep your rifle clean and sound. Thus, it might be required to purchase the outstanding things that did not come with the kit during purchase. Things that mostly come with the cleaning tools include:

  1. Pellets
  2. Rod
  3. Oil
  4. Patches
  5. Brushes
  • Cleaning without using the cleaning kits: cleaning kits are not the only way you can clean your barrels. If you happen to find that your barrel is wet. All you need to do is get a good quality dry cloth and softly wipe through the barrel for dryness. If it is the inside of the barrel that you wish to clean, you may need a piece of string and a cloth that can be easy and safe to run through it.

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